AIR Music Ignite (Sneak Preview)

2012 Summer NAMM Show: This video, via soundonsoundvideo, features A.I.R. Music Technology product manager Samara Winterfeld introducing Ignite.

Ignite is described as ‘music ideation and creation software’, designed to let you build songs in an organic fashion. Ignite 1.0 is focused specifically on the keyboardist’s workflow.

Beginning in Q3 of 2012, all M-Audio keyboard controllers will ship with Ignite included, and other brands in the inMusic family will include Ignite with select products. This initial product release will be followed by a number of scheduled releases designed to address the complete music creation process.

8 thoughts on “AIR Music Ignite (Sneak Preview)

    1. Maybe it’s not ‘time and patience’ that lacks, but simply that DAWS are NOT FUN and NOT INTUITIVE. You may be all over yours but the ‘workflow’ just never got happening for me and I prefer to improvise on my synth rig without even bothering anymore with saving a jam on the hardrive because it’s simply a DRAG to set that thing up.
      What I got a glimpse of in Samara’s (wasn’t that the name of the evil girl in ‘The Ring’?) quick demo was the free-associative field where clips can be scattered in a 2D space and arranged at whim – the way a musical idea works. Whoever thought of that linear clip-stream thing so universal to DAWs? Musical ideas are not terribly linear! Bravo, M-Audio for some music software that actually mimics HUMAN thought processes instead of trying to cram them into MACHINE processes!

  1. Actually, I know what she’s saying. I don’t know of any DAW that is very intuitive for how a musician works. I think the engineering is about done as far a workstations are concerned, and now it’s time to make the things as easy to use as it is to tell a waiter what you want for lunch.. There is just to much screwing around to do things that should be just a few keystrokes or a mouse movement or two. After all, isn’t that what happened to computer operating interfaces? CP/M anyone?


  2. I mostly agree with joji,
    Beside what the lady says, the software doesn’t look bad at all and it seems also ipad ready (garageband-like gui). The organic ienvironmet looks nice to play with and it is “touch” ready and if they extend Ignite to the Akai Pro and Alesis sisters will see a lot of fun! My too cents!!!

  3. i actually used that exact station today at naam to see what the Air felt liek to use and when i was using the program i really did feel like i was using garage band, the presets were actually pretty cool.

  4. Looking at a screen full of random, floating audio like that, I think my initial instinct would be “OK let’s create some tracks and busses and clean this shit up!” lol, but I’m sure this software will be worth an investigation, putting together smart people to work on stuff like this can only be beneficial, at least to some people. I know what she means by the seemingly arcane terminology of Some DAWs (I’m looking at you, Pro Tools and Cubase!), but the last three DAWS I’ve demo-ed and eventually bought some form of have been Studio One, FL and Live, and all three had me up and making music in minutes. But the more choice the better, and I look forward to trying this new one soon.

  5. All she had to say was “node based”. I am 100% behind audio software becoming node based rather than track based. It’s high time we stop emulating decades old tape machines! There are tons of well developed node based applications out there, and so it’s not even breaking new ground to build an audio system that does this. It’s just a matter of doing it. Ableton Live was a step in the right direction, but they stopped only a couple steps down the path and largely remain a fancy clip launcher. Taking things more nodal is going to be awesome.

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