12 thoughts on “A.I.R. Ignite At The 2012 Summer NAMM Show

    1. It doesn’t look good to me, and I like the idea of some kind of alternative to traditional DAWS. I just don’t get this. Who is the audience? Non-technical pros? Amateurs who don’t like “engineering metaphors?” Seems to me people who don’t like DAWS just switch on a standalone TASCAM or an iPhone app or put a camera on a tripod. This certainly looks different from a DAW, but if a person is put off by the “complexity” of a DAW, this still has play icons you have to click on and it still creates random-looking objects that represent the music in odd ways.

      If the goal is to simplify and grab people who don’t like DAWS, why not just build a kind of graphic TASCAM four track, or something like the visual tape player of the TE OP-1? The tape metaphor is deeply ingrained, even among non-tech tapes. Why not use it, but make it pretty and bluntly simple?

      I don’t get this.

  1. This is useless garbage. Garage Band is already plenty simple for any noob to pick up, and is much better than this piece of crap.

    1. >plenty simple for any noob to pick up

      But you notice in the videos she talks about implementing export functions to Pro-Tools.

      I wonder if this is aimed at some demographic of professionals? Do people like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift ask companies to make something “like” Garage Band but something for professionals?

  2. I actually like this to an extent. Mainly for two reasons:
    1) I like the fact that at least SOMETHING is being developed that will work with Venom.
    2) I use logic, and will continue to do so. However, pro-tools export might make this an easy go between, from my setup to some of my friends who refuse to use anything other than pro-tools. This would also keep effect intact without having to export to omf, or print to audio or other common more permanent export methods. Make an iPad app companion to this, either as a controller, or a mobile version, and I’m double sold.

  3. so useless: let’s make a DAW for people that don’t like DAW. What? Who will buy this shit? I don’t understand. Some devs are just so stupid! Is this Swar Studio competitor?

  4. If your musical ideas are that easy to capture, you may need better ideas and a bigger net. When you oversimplify music and the tools thereof to excess, you get simplistic results that just don’t stick to my ribs. The ‘complexity’ they want to eliminate is where the real MEAT of a composition resides, with a few respected exceptions like ambient or someone like Tom Waits singing over a solo piano. Garage Band is a great tool, but generally, the better work I hear comes from mainline DAWs. This thing smells too much like a ‘magic piano’ app with color-coded keys and a cartoon unicorn tapping out the beat with a hoof. I’ll give it points for being potentially useful to a newbie, but it strikes me as something whose limits would make me feel restless.

  5. Yes, this is a feature limited product, and yes, the UI design is a bit cheesy, but I think it’s brilliant. Node based music creation would be my ideal workspace. Emulating a tape machine is the old clunky crappy thing I would love to get rid of, but I need more than a clip launcher.

    Seriously, imagine if you put an interface like this on top of a product like AudioMulch, with some built in building blocks in a Reaktor style, and you are talking about something very revolutionary. This version 1.0 app isn’t going to be it, but the flood gates are now open, and I welcome it. Node based software is everywhere in other industries, so it can be a short hop to get to where it’s going in Audio.

  6. Ignite looks insulting
    The Instrument Expansion Pack should be released in VST/VSTi and AU formats for any of this inMusic sale to make sense. Instead we get a standalone featureless software rigged to sell shxx maudio controllers
    Why it won’t run as VST/VSTi AU is evidence that AIR is still Digidesign’s bitxx. And that the convoluted sale of AIR must have had so many conditions to it that AIR may as well still be considered AVID.
    Digidesign people still can’t fathom the idea of their software inside another company’s DAW.
    They are jealous hoarders. So instead made a pseudo deal to make some extra cash on an old card.
    I’m done with Digidesign and their associated companies..

    1. I agree about Avid, I dumped them long ago. Definitely needs VST etc. I would love to use Transfuser with it. Rewire would be great as well.

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