Native Instruments Raw Voltage Brings Huge Modular Synth Sounds To Maschine

Native Instruments today introduced Raw Voltage – a new Maschine Expansion which features the sound of a huge modular synthesizer system. Raw Voltage contains kits, instruments and patterns based on the organic sound characteristics of analog synthesis.

Here’s what Native has to say about Raw Voltage:

Sampled from a one-of-a-kind analog modular system, RAW VOLTAGE has a wide sonic scope, inspired in part by experimental and avant-garde electronica. The drum and percussion sounds are punchy, loud and direct, while the sampled basses, leads, pads and soundscapes are rich in detail and analog atmosphere.

The expansion also includes 140 expertly-programmed patterns, providing a wide selection of styles from broken, jagged rhythms to steady, flowing grooves.

Raw Voltage is based on a unique custom modular system used and created by Norwegian synthesist Roger Grønberg (Frodebeats). The system includes modules from Modcan, MOTM, Oakley, CGS, STG, Encore, Buchla plus many unique custom and DIY modules, as well as analog synthesizers like Arp Odyssey/2600 and Korg MiniKorg 700s.

A compact version of Raw Voltage is also available for iMaschine for iPhone.

Raw Voltage is available at the NI Online Shop for $59/49 EUR. For owners of iMASCHINE, the compact version of Raw Voltage is available via in-app purchase for $0.99/0,79 EUR.

See the NI site for audio demos.

7 thoughts on “Native Instruments Raw Voltage Brings Huge Modular Synth Sounds To Maschine

  1. This looks interesting if you want to add an analog ‘touch’ to your library, but if you are really looking to expand into analog sounds I can’t help but feeling that the Arturia Analog Experience packages are a great option. Sure you loose some of the convenience of working with a native maschine expansion, but the breadth of presets that comes with it is really amazing… I’d love to hear how ‘different’ (as in unique?) the sounds in this expansion are, considering that some of them come from custom build hardware…

    Either way it’s great that NI is releasing those expansions! Shows they are dedicated to the platform and their quality is usually really high…

    1. i don´t think these expansions are all that great. its only about revenue.

      as for analog experience – owning arturia software i can´t recommend one single sw product they create.
      analog experience being the worst of all.

      for analog sounds i recommend synths by xils lab.

      1. Interesting! What are your major gripes with the Factory software? I would agree that it’s increadibly simple and thus somewhat limited in editing capabilities, but if you buy the software instrument that the preset was made with you can really go nuts in my opinion 🙂

        1. my gripes are very basic: stability, cpu consumption and overall usability (patch loudness, intuitive editability…). i will ignore the fact that arturia synths could not pass a blind test in distinguishing one from the other. i tried to like them i really did.

          1. btw i have all except the spark and the sem.
            editing the synths is a nightmare. their complete disregard for the gui side of things is frankly atrocious. a utilitarian, sterile gui would be better than pixel hunting on cs80v or jupiter. trying to edit moog modular v is a very, very nasty joke. and i don´t care about the presets and like to edit synths.

            i also think arturia has very poor support and communication with the user base.
            and reading the origin issues on their forum makes me shudder. flagship product with so many bugs and problems.

            i don´t hate arturia but there are far, far better and worthy vsti´s these days.

  2. The best expansion for maschine is the integrated komplete 8.
    Thousands of presets and direct access for the software.
    But these dedicated expansion for maschine(i have 3..)are really good!

    1. I would agree, but that comes at a certain price, and if you are just getting started exploring the world of maschine I think the expansions are a great door opener to different styles and sounds…

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