You’ve Got Dubstep – Sound Design With A Dialup Modem Noise

Need a little inspiration? Then check out this tutorial, via muzik4machines, that demonstrates how to make a dubstep track out of the sounds of a dialup modem:

I have heard that dubstep sounds like a dialup modem, so I decided to test if the modem could sound like dubstep.

Every sound is from the opening handshake – there is no synth and no samples used, even the drums are all based on parts of the modem sound. The bass is pretty clearly shown in the intro from modem buzz to brostep wobble.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

7 thoughts on “You’ve Got Dubstep – Sound Design With A Dialup Modem Noise

  1. Kudos on this! This reminded me of a tutorial I saw on Synthtopia about a year ago that showed how Firestarter was made. Like that one, this video gives me a better appreciation of this type of music and also make me want to dig further into Live.

  2. here’s part 2: the door stopper
    the modem was too easy, all kind of noises and tones just perfect for creating drums, basses and everything, so this time i attacked the second most common dubstep myth, the door stopper, so i found myself 2 nice door stopper samples and built a whole song with them, some parts are not recorded, as is all the arrangement as my laptop is wayyyyy too old to record audio and video while producing

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