Line 6 Mobile Keys (Demo Video)

This teaser style video demonstrates the new Line 6 Mobile Keys MIDI controllers being used with software synths running on an iPhone or iPad.

Line 6 calls the Mobile Keys controllers the ‘first tri-platform keyboards’, because they work directly with Mac, Windows & iOS software synths via a dock connector or USB jack.

The Mobile Keys keyboards are available in 25 & 49 key models and are available for about $150 & $200, respectively.

4 thoughts on “Line 6 Mobile Keys (Demo Video)

  1. Since the electronics themselves are pretty hardy these days, my main consideration is keyboard feel. There’s an intimacy to it that’s important no matter what styles you play, hopefully more than one. It matters a lot, even with purely synth sounds, never mind piano. I’ve played all too many keyboards whose actions were deal-breakingly bad. I call it “Clack City.” If the action on this is smooth, that’ll be another feather in Line 6’s already respectable cap. I feel zero need for a smartphone so far, but I’m impressed to see a controller and a phone do it all in one place. Nice.

  2. And sliders.
    And X-Y Pad.
    And after touch.
    And audio interface.
    And midi interface.
    And a Joystick.
    And a synth
    Wait! Thats X-Station!!! And I have it!!! YEY!!!

  3. The strangest thing about these keyboards is that they don’t have a stand or slot for holding up your iPad or iPhone – go figure…

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