Special Edition MK 2 x0xb0x vs Vintage Roland TB-303 Comparison


This video captures a comparison between a new x0xb0x synthesizer and a vintage Roland TB-303.

What do you think of the x0xb0x sound vs the 303?

via x0xb0x81:

Brand New Professionally Built x0xb0x – Using NEC 2SA733AP high beta transistors + 945NPN transistors in the Oscillator, Filter, Envelope and Amplifier sections.

19 thoughts on “Special Edition MK 2 x0xb0x vs Vintage Roland TB-303 Comparison

  1. according to the video, the 303 sounds more full, while the x0xb0x sounds a bit brighter, but less “full”. at least my ears and my genelec 2.1 system tell me that 🙂

  2. the 303 has a richer sound on this video and if i owned one i’m sure i would say there is no substitute.
    fact is i don’t.
    although i would like to there are too many pieces of gear i need to add to my studio before i buy one.
    the clone, however is close enough and something i could well justify in the mean time.

  3. Sounds pretty close to me, but I’d buy the 303 sounding “fuller” wile the X0XBox sounds “brighter”. But, that might mean the X0XBox stands out in a mix better. I wonder how the AcidLabs Bassline 3 compares.

  4. I have both so let me tell you how it is: the TB303 saw wave is more harsh ‘dirtier’ and the square wave is more full – ’rounder’. This is my third 303 and here’s the thing, they all sounded a little bit different to each other! That’s just the way it is – no two TBs will sound identical.

    The x0x sounds like what it is which is a modern day version of the 303 – it has a ‘cleaner’ more precise tone. With a well built x0xb0x the sound isn’t that far off the mark and with a few component tweaks you can get it to sound the same as the original, given that two 303s won’t sound identical.
    In a mix you will not tell the difference.

    Also you can modify your £350 x0xb0x without that ‘dread’ feeling as you start drilling into your £1400 classic silver box!!

    The only reason the TB303 is expensive is that it’s a rare item and has a strong history, just like any antique. Oh!.. and it sounds brilliant through a distortion unit! 😉

    This is my TB in action:

  5. They sound different of course. But like others have commented: With a little eq these differences could easily be minimized.

    Plus: it’s important to remember that what sounds good on its own isn’t necessarily the same as what sounds good in a mix.

  6. Very close sounding x0xb0x.
    NEC 2SA733AP high beta transistors and 945NPN transistors – now you just needs a BA662A Operational Transconductance Amplifier and it’ll be 100% 😉

    1. I’m a big fan of d16’s Phoscyon 303 emulation VST. It sounds terrific and is more powerful than ABL2, but there’s something almost intangibly awesome about hardware.

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