Korg Monotron Delay Mods Site

Korg Monotron Delay mods

Reader Kevin let us know that he’s got a new site dedicated to Korg Monotron Delay mods.

He notes:

The Korg Monotron Delay is a whole lot of fun. This tiny synthesiser will take you from the sounds of 1950’s sci-fi movies to rich analog music.

Under the cover are circuits borrowed from the legendary Korg MS-10 and MS-20 music synthesisers. You can tap into and extend this synth easily with a basic knowledge of electronics. I have tried to make these pages easy to understand and hopefully inspire you to mod your own Monotron.

Mods covered so far include:

  • The resonance mod
  • The red connector
  • Pitch control
  • The 1 octave keyboard

See Kevin’s PICSynth site for details.

7 thoughts on “Korg Monotron Delay Mods Site

  1. Great stuff! Good work Kevin, I love the 1 Octave Keyboard. i’ve got a couple of Mono-mods in the works myself, so i’ll send you some pic when they’re done.

  2. Great Site…Thanks for all the time you’ve spent providing this information to rest of the world. Thank you!…one question..does the same logic will apply for a 2 octave keyboard. If not. What would be necessary


  3. Glad you liked site site! Yes the same logic applies for a 2 octave keyboard, I will put up more info on exactly how to do this…

  4. Hello sir, your mods are great. Do you think a toy piano (3 octaves long) will work as well as the 1 octave keyboard did on your mod? Will it need it’s batteries to work? I’m a noob and I’m afraid of damaging my monotron.

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