Free Album Features Roland Juno 60 – Cabaal’s Emanations

Free Music Friday: Reader Cabaal, who’s participating in the 2012 Red Bull Music Academy for upcoming producers, let us know about his new album, which features the analog goodness of the Roland Juno 60:

Huge fan of the site, and have been for many years. I’ve just released a new album made with Logic 9, some VST’s, and a whole lot of Juno 60!

In the spirit of Free Music Fridays, the entire album is available for free download here.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for Synthtopia!

Thanks to Cabaal for sharing his music and congratulations on getting the RBMA. It’s always cool for us to hear that we helped somebody get into electronic music or get inspired to make their own music.

Check out Cabaal’s music video above, and you can preview and download his album via the player below.

And, if you aren’t familiar with the Red Bull Music Academy, it’s worth checking out. It’s an annual international event where up and coming artists and producers get the opportunity to learn from industry professionals. As part of the Academy, they’ve created an amazing series of lectures with electronic musicians.

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