Sequetron – A Keyboard-Controlled Sequencer For Windows

PhiliZound Software’s Sequetron is a Windows MIDI sequencer with a twist:

  • Sequetron is designed as a live instrument for hands-on use, played & controlled from the music keyboard. It runs from startup with no interaction, and converts even the simplest MIDI keyboard or device into a multi-track recording, playback & looping instrument.
  • Sequetron has sequencer-like functions, but is different from other programs as it is controlled using series of music notes called command sequences. In Sequetron, there is no difference between commands and music – they are all sequences, hence the name… it can even control itself.
  • Input can be any MIDI keyboard or device, and the output can be any MIDI device(s) such as synthesizers, drum machines, light displays etc.
  • Sequences can be recorded in real-time or step-time, played back, looped and altered (channel, velocity, pitch, mute etc.), either individually or in any combination, but unlike hardware sequencers, there is no concept of ‘steps’, nor do the sequences have to be monophonic; any notes & chords can be used. They can also be saved to standard MIDI files for further processing by other programs.
  • This hands-on ability to record, play & alter different length sequences starting at different times on-the-fly gives Sequetron an unusual syncopated feel, encouraging you to experiment with overlaying and controlling patterns; even the most basic 1, 2 or 3-note sequences can create something totally unexpected.

Here’s a video demo of Sequetron in action:

There is an extensive series of tutorial videos for Sequetron available at the PhiliZound site.

Two versions of Sequetron are available:

  • The LE version is free; if you pass it on please keep the package intact. It handles fewer seqs & has less command variations than the full version, but is fully usable with no time limits or nag screens. Ideal for synths with limited polyphony, such as the microKORG.
  • The Full version is GBP £10.


10 thoughts on “Sequetron – A Keyboard-Controlled Sequencer For Windows

  1. Looks really useful, i’ll have to give it a workout with my Slim Phatty, or my Slim Phatty a workout with it.. ?

  2. interesting program, but differences between lite and full are minute and not really worth 10 pounds. i like the idea, but it is a very basic program. ah well, we all gotta live.

  3. Great tool, the above comment shows Sequetron was not tested at all. This is not a children toy, very solid, stable, original tool for having fun with your keyboard. Of course it is worth every cent of it. You will not find a friendly, solid, strong clear minded developer like Phil Tipping on many places. I can only recommend Sequetron to any open minded synthesizer music lover. Lots of fun is waiting there for you, if you are open minded enough not to ignore it.

  4. Agree with Tony, above. Interesting and very original program, well worth the meager asking price.
    Phil has also produced a wealth of lucidly written support documentation and video tutorials that put many much larger organizations to shame.

  5. For those that shun documentation, be sure to watch the three Quick Start videos and you’ll be off to the races ASAP or it will really convince you to give Sequetron a try:

    With being stuck in front of a computer 9to5, I want to keep computer interaction to a minimum and Sequetron lets me create without the distraction of searching for a computer mouse or finding an on screen control to change. It get much more pleasing results than I’ve ever been able to achieve with traditional software. And I find that the music has more life.

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