Woob – Tokyo Run

Free Music Friday: Ambient music artist Woob (Paul Frankland) let us know about this spectacular new video short, Tokyo Run.

Here’s what’ he’s got to say about it:

Tokyo Run features the time-lapse photography of Samuel Cockedey and the design, animation and audio of Paul Frankland (Woob).

Although the ‘Run’ is based in a futuristic ‘old Tokyo’ It uses buildings and images from 3 major cities around the world. The simple animation was created in Cinema 4d then projected and filmed off a variety of different surfaces to roughen it up and to contrast against the slick-ness of the Time-lapse.

A lot of the sound design was created using everyday objects. Other more musical effects were created by chopping up and processing the original 24bit files contained on the real version of the keycard depicted in the film.

More information on Samuels time-lapse creation process can be found here.

The film is designed for repeated viewings and contains more to it than may first appear.

Woob adds, “Access to the Woob track ‘Mainframe’ + other stuff is hidden within the film.”

More details can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Woob – Tokyo Run

  1. I appreciate the work that goes into a production like this, but I still think “the technique is the message”. In other words, any video that has non-stop flashing stuff like this delivers exactly the same message/experience as any other flashing video, and more people are turned away from this style than not.

  2. @xtopher While I would perhaps agree on your point that more people may be turned away from this particular style than not. I don’t believe in what you mean when you say “the technique is the message ” plus in this case the above 90 seconds is just a very small part of a much greater experience…but as with anything – its all subjective:)

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