Free Ableton Max For Live Patch Controls Record Quantization

Max For Live MIDI Quantize

AfroDJMac contacted us to let us know about a new Free Ableton Live Pack that he created in collaboration with Berklee Music Professor & Ableton Certified Trainer Loudon StearnsQuantize Mapper.

Quantize Mapper is a Max for Live patch will allow you to MIDI map Ableton’s record quantization and global clip launch quantization. It’s a great tool that really helps in creating midi performances.

Here’s a video run-through:

Download via the AfroDJMac site.

8 thoughts on “Free Ableton Max For Live Patch Controls Record Quantization

    1. Not too sure about that.

      Because then you’d limit the availability; only people who would own that specific controller would be able to use this. While there is still a “limitation” here (you obviously need Max for Live to use this) it doesn’t matter what controller you’re using. Heck; you don’t not even have to use a controller at all.

      And well, I can imagine that a M4L patch is easier to build than a python control script (though I only have experience on M4l mind you).

      1. a python script doesnt need to be specific to any control (take a look at nativekontrol). m4ll is more user friendly to build. but the script might be speedier/slimmer to run.

  1. This is the kind of patch where the interface most likely took more time than the patch itself 😉

    It is an interesting approach but I can’t help wonder why you’d want to mess with the global quantization (thus influence /all/ the clips in your session) while you could just as easily change the quantization settings of the current clip you’re working with.

    That would provide the same effect while /also/ allowing you to work with whatever other material you have around. Each to his own of course, but when I mess with some sound parts I’d like to run other clips to base my playing on.

  2. Uhm, that’s a bit too far fetched for my liking. You do realize that Max for Live is all about controlling Live I hope ?

    Not to mention that there’s quite a difference between a control script or a native Live device.

  3. just to clarify m4l is not a native live device and one must purchase m4l. futhermore the purpose of m4l is not soley to “control live.” clyphx is free, more powerful, more customizable, faster, lighter.

    but to each their own. i was just trying to help.

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