Upgrade Your Virus & Get Cash Back

Access has announced a promotion to encourage Virus owners to try their latest gear.

Upgrade from any Pre-Virus TI and you can save up to $250 in their 15th Anniversary cash back promotion:

  • Access Virus TI Snow 100 Euro / $125*
  • Access Virus TI2 Desktop 150 Euro / $175*
  • Access Virus TI2 Polar 200 Euro / $250*
  • Access Virus TI2 Keyboard 200 Euro / $250*

Owners of the following Virus products qualify for the promotion: Virus A, Virus B/KB, Virus Classic, Virus Rack, Virus Indigo, Virus Indigo Redback, Virus C/KC, Virus Rack XL, Virus Indigo 2, Virus TDM, Indigo TDM, Virus for TC PowerCore.

No trade-in is required, but you need to show proof of ownership. Details are available at the Access site.

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