32 thoughts on “Face Melting MPC Jam – What Happens When You Don’t ‘Just Hit Play’

  1. High marks for doing it in real time.

    Doing everything I hate about drum solos on an MPC, lower marks.

    To be honest I have often wondered why more electronic musicians don’t perform live in this way. I mean this guy on the “drums” and two decent players on synth could be a killer backup band for some synth pop princess.

  2. >>> High marks for doing it in real time.

    Absolutely. The guy cooks. He’s clearly done his woodshedding and his playing shows it.

    >>> Doing everything I hate about drum solos on an MPC, lower marks.

    True, to some extent. Then again, that’s one of the main things an MPC is designed for, so at worst, he could only be accused of letting his tools lead him a bit much. I’d love to see a few more people finger-drum without trying to channel Skrillex. That name sounds like window cleaner, BTW.

    >>>> To be honest I have often wondered why more electronic musicians don’t perform live in this way.

    Because people prefer familiarity and simplicity over challenge and complexity. I rolled my eyes when the first thing I ever heard coming from an Eigenharp was a guy playing “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.” All that power and people keep reverting to covers. If this guy only played classical percussion with two cellists, it would be seen as quaint. If he went totally avant-garde, only a few people would get it. If he played only straight rock drums, he’d be dismissed as faking it. Like it or not, your music will always be funneled through trends, misconceptions and technological change. This style doesn’t much wow me, but again, he cooks and doesn’t have to take a back seat to anyone, period.

  3. I don’t really think this guy is a big deal. Yeah he can play the MPC but that shit gets so annoying after 20 minutes. He’s attitude also fucks everything up for me, this guys thinks hes such a gangsta because he doesn’t hit play and disses on people who do, Im sorry but we welcomed you to the electronic music world now you are going to be a dick about it? No thanks. Nothing to see here. Move along. Move Along.

    1. His attitude? The whole “not pressing play” jab was written by the synthtopia editors. The only thing about his attitude was his look of utter concentration.

  4. He looks like he’s got mad skills, not sure those samples are showing his talent to the full extent though. Would love to see him perform some other tracks – off to the web……

    1. Thank you! Somebody who gets it. I miss it when people would play rhythms, melody, bass, and the whole shebang all at once. All I see with the mpc is rhythm and lots of programming. I guess the days of taking the time to learn the nuances of an instrument are long gone..

      1. Technically that is what playing any instrument is like. Every time a piano player hits a key he is pressing the piano’s play button. Over and over again. That is what musicians do.


        1. I disagree. As a trombonist, I am faced with the control of the embouchure, the tongue, the breath, and the hands, any variation in which causes wild changes in the tone of the instrument. While you might get a note out of a piano by banging on a key, if you think it’s “just pressing play,” you are sorely mistaken.

          While MPC folks are certainly “pressing play,” I’d argue that it DOES take reasonable rhythmic skills, familiarity with the machine, and–for the best–exceptional ability to program and arrange music in a fashion that can be replicated reliably and musically live. While I may not always LIKE the music that results, and while it may be easier for a novice to “press play” on these machines than on my horn, I won’t kid myself into thinking I’m somehow superior. Musicians will make MUSIC an the kids will just bang around, no matter what they play.

  5. Don’t look at him and just close your eyes and listen. If you heard any portion of this audio excerpt on the radio, you’d probably change the station. In a venue however, I think i would have very much enjoyed that, especially if I were drunk or hi. However, even the fascinated bro in the background begins to have a hard time pumping his fist and nodding his head along with the music. But I can’t argue the fact that this performer does indeed have skills. This is only once instance of seeing him use it.

    1. It’s called a solo.

      They don’t play them on the radio anymore.

      Get out and hear some live music sometime. You might like them!

  6. No doubt this guy has some mean finger skills…however, its too bad he is using other people’s music. Don’t discount the labor that the “just hit play” guys have poured into their sets in terms of production value. This is a clear example of apples and oranges. A working DJ should be absolutely be flexible during his set, but an EDM artist is taking on a whole lot more technology these days than just merely whats found in the dj booth. Why are we still having this argument? And why is it that we still have a hard time differentiating the DJ from the producer who also uses dj technology.

  7. Fast fingers-yes
    Original content – no
    Future of music-no
    Example of bad attitudes developed by listening to brostep-yes!

    Jeez, the future of music is scowling hoodlums…now where are my Mozart CDs?

  8. Yes, I agree. Enough scowls already. And what’s with the hot wool hats pulled down like the wearer has hypothermia, in a sweaty dance club?
    I know, it’s just a style thing. But this is the essence of fashion victimhood, or hoodfashion victim.
    I am impressed with his speed but it’s similar to watching a metal guitarist shred without playing something memorable or tuneful. You have to practice on a whole other level for real musicality to come out in a jam.

  9. MPC, Live Sample Drumming and triggering , Insane Skills, Dubstep
    > Yes

    Skrillex, millions of people on the stage, weird hat, MC, Overusing of mpc Skills that makes the music even more shitty than it already is
    > No

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