The Finger Prince (Interview)

The latest episode of ADSR – an Interview series that looks at the Australian electronic music scene – visits Sydney techno duo The Finger Prince:

We talk music writing and recording processes as they break down the mix for the title track off their ‘Mao’ EP – how they got the sounds and what synths and gear they used.

It’s all analog gear – 808, 909, 303, Juno 6, Moog, Jupiter 6 and many more… if you are into hardware you are in for a treat.

They also talk about their techno label Motorik!, their recent remix of The Presets and how acid is blame/thank for the name and more.

You here more from The Finger Prince on SoundCloud or check on their label site.

2 thoughts on “The Finger Prince (Interview)

    1. Seconded. The interview was pretty in-depth and informative, looked them up on Soundcloud after watching this, as aymat says, really solid stuff.

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