Pioneer XDJ-Aero Wireless DJ System

Pioneer XDJ-Aero Wireless DJ System

Pioneer has announced the XDJ-Aero, the first Wi-Fi DJ system that can wirelessly play music tracks from smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptop computers.

The XDJ-AERO lets you mix and arrange music tracks stored on smart devices via Wi-Fi, as well as on USB memory devices and computers. The XDJ-Aero can also create its own wireless access point when Wi-Fi isn’t available or not in range.

Here’s the official intro video for the Pioneer XDJ-Aero:


  • Industry’s first DJ system using smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi
  • Can be used as an independent 2-channel mixer
  • Wide range of onboard effects including jog drum, Sample Launch, and more
  • Two automatic mixing functions
  • Record your mix directly to a USB storage device
  • Slim and stylish design

See the Pioneer DJ site for details.

6 thoughts on “Pioneer XDJ-Aero Wireless DJ System

  1. Cool, I didn’t know (should have realized though) that Pioneer also made more professional audio equipment.

    Now, generalizing a little bit here but my impression of Pioneer electronics (consumer electronics even!) is that its extremely robust. As a kid (16 – 18, not sure) I bought a Pioneer hi-fi system. Featuring a radio (obviously), 2 audio cassette decks (told you its old!) and a cd shuffler for 25 cds. I could quickly copy cassettes, I could shuffle play randomly from 25 cd’s and best ever: I could random shuffle, record to /both/ sides of a cassette and then take said cassette with me on my way to work (using my walkman). All of this operating in my bedroom (we all know how dusty those can get, right?).

    My walkman has been replaced by my phone, CD’s have been replaced by mp3’s, I don’t listen to the radio all that often anymore but my Pioneer hifi set still works as of today. I can even easily play my cassettes without much problems, though one motor seems to have a few issues when spooling a tape. After approx. 20 years of usage.

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