The MFOS Noise Toaster

Synth DIY supplier Music From Outer Space has introduced a new project, the MFOS Noise Toaster.

Here’s what creator Ray WIlson has to say about the Noise Toaster:

The MFOS Noise Toaster is the latest LO-FI project we’ve come up with, deep in the MFOS underground lab. I really think people who attend noise fests, noise battles, synth-diy meets, the symphony (alright maybe not the symphony…) are going to consider this standard equipment (symphony during intermission may be OK).

I have to say that in some places having this much fun with a single nine volt battery might just be totally illegal, so be careful where you bring it!

The Noise Toaster has: One wide range VCO, a WHITE NOISE GENERATOR, a simple but fun VCF, a simple but effective VCA, an AR envelope generator, an LFO with several waveforms, a line out jack, and a nicely normalized switching scheme.

But wait… there’s more!

Last but not least we’ve put a 1W amp and speaker right into the unit.

I want to emphasize that this device is LO-FI. It is not a temperature compensated, V/Octave trackin, needs calibratin’, must have highest quality components – kind of thing. This thing is just a freakin’ blast to goof with.

Prepare to create a limitless cadre of amazing and unusual sounds. And of course there will be mods in the future. How about connecting your WSG to the Noise Toaster’s filter and VCA… I already put some pads on the PC board to facilitate it. You could even modulate the Noise Toaster with the WSG (pads for that too)! I plan to offer kits and PC boards as well as complete units. I’ll put a blurb on the MFOS home page when the project is posted.

Why is it called the “Noise Toaster” you ask? Well, what would you call something that has a bunch of knobs and switches that, when twiddled, cause unusual sounds and noises to pop out? Right… Then… On to the next project.

Thanks for watching.

Additional details for the Noise Toaster are to come.

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