Classitronica Handel

Here’s another classitronica style arrangement by Daniel Philipp Stotz, a switched on rendition of Handel Fuga F-major HWV 611.

Technical details below:

This is an early fuga of Handel. If you compare f.e. the fuga h-minor HWV 608, which is a much later work, you may hear the development of Handel.

It is performed on YUSYNTH modular synth, hand-made by in Prague by Pavel Vancura.

In the 80s I had an ARP 2600, which unfortunately I had to sell, now this synth is very similar to it: 3 VCO, noise generator, 2 VCF, mixer and S/H, 3 ADSR and 2 VCA.

via Stotz



8 thoughts on “Classitronica Handel

  1. Gorgeous! Bravo! Articulation is excellent and it’s so refreshingly baroque! Retro Walter Carlosesque overdubbed polyphony evokes memories from early childhood of futurist liberal technocratic positivist optimism. A warm sunny, mind-expanding feeling, conveying the original intent and cerebral focus of the composer in a way he’d probably quite enjoy. You know Jimi lived in Handel’s flat in London?

    1. futurist liberal technocratic positivist optimism
      spot on, just like Mary Mungo and midge showed high rise living?

      1. What ever happened to Mary? Mungo must be getting on a bit too. Midge is planning a tour with one of his mates from Ultravox, last I heard.

      1. I think it’s more in the style of Walter Carlos’ “Switched-On Bach” and “Well-Temered Synthesizer” albums in its technique and subject, baroque in the XVIII c. polyphonic style as opposed to Purcell’s XVII c. chordal monody featured so stunningly in “Queen Mary’s Funeral Procession” as the main title theme of Clockwork Orange. The film score is much more heavily ‘gothic’ and romantic than the lighter and more restrained overdubbed monosynth technique of the earlier albums.

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