PPG Wavegenerator ‘Worth Buying An iPad For’

More info is starting to trickle out on PPG Wavegenerator – Wolfgang Palm’s upcoming synth for the iPad, based on the classic PPG Wave synthesizer.

From the app’s Facebook page:

Yes it’s true; from the Father of the PPG Wave comes the future of synthesis on the iPad… coming soon are going to be sound samples, pictures and more info from the man himself. Like this page to find out more about this exciting new iPad App – it really sounds like nothing else you have ever heard.

Russ Hughes at Pro Tools Expert has taken a look at a pre-release version of PPG Wavegenerator, and says:

“So many iPad apps just don’t cut it – but this one is really exciting, it sounds awesome! It’s not out yet, but due in the next few weeks – this is worth buying an iPad for.”

We’re going to reserve judgement until we can see a release version of Wavegenerator. And details, including pricing and release date, are still to come.

But PPG Wavegenerator looks like it will be a very interesting addition to the iPad music platform.

Note: Since this post, we’ve learned that Russ Hughes is doing some marketing work for Wolfgang Palm through his marketing company Sociatech. This wasn’t clear to us from his Pro Tools Expert post, but Palm made the relationship clear at his site.

15 thoughts on “PPG Wavegenerator ‘Worth Buying An iPad For’

  1. So is this different from the Waldorf Nwave I’ve been hoping to arrive soon ?
    Reason to buy a second ipad if both are coming !

  2. Seems cool, but that’s some serious hyperbole about the iPad. I have a hard time believing there is a softwynth in the world worth $600+.

  3. Wolfgang Palm should be every bit as famous as Bob Moog, Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim. The sound of the PPG synth was the defining sound of Thomas Dolby’s Golden Age of Wireless album. His Plex softsynth was groundbreaking and it still has the ability to create sounds that make you stop and marvel. Now he has an app coming? Sign me.

    If anyone has anything snotty to say about Wolfgang’s app I will beam an electromagnetic pulse from my command center that will leave your studio a charred cinder.


  4. I am getting a serious backlog of synth apps, and this will only add to it. I tell myself that I’m at least supporting the devs of this kind of thing, even as the icon sits there, mostly unused, taunting me.

  5. When u see the newly released video, you will RUN to the apple store and buy an iPad, it makes animoog and Magellan look like toys basically

  6. I hope his claims help expedite the Apple approval process, although I’ve yet to see a burrito that’s worth buying a new microwave for.

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