Free Music Friday: Phase47’s Drifting Through Wreckage

Free Music Friday: Reader, ambient artist and mastering engineer Don Tyler has released a new album as Phase47, Drifting Through Wreckage.

 Here’s how Tyler describes Drifting Through Wreckage:

Slow-burn Static. Pure Ambience. Electronic Evocations. Pop songs for Ghosts. This music is meant to be played at lower volumes throughout your environment. Allow the sound to drift through your space and quietly fill the corners of your room.

Even better if you have multiple playback systems set to random play throughout your living or working environment.

 The album is available is available via Bandcamp with a ‘name your price’ model, so you can pay $0 or any other value.

3 thoughts on “Free Music Friday: Phase47’s Drifting Through Wreckage

  1. Just downloaded the album. Beautiful pieces!! I plan on listening while driving to the beach tomorrow. Any info about the process of the album. Is it synthesis or sample-based? Workflow?, etc…. Thanks for sharing….

  2. Thanks for the comments and the kind words – and thanks to Synthtopia for providing an amazing portal for electronic music. (I read it everyday.)

    RE: Workflow. I use Logic. About as close as I come to samples is Camel Audio’s Alchemy, but Phase47 is pretty much exclusively synthesis-based. Always up for a QA, etc. If you have any specific questions – hit me up on the Phase47 Facebook page. (Yeah… Facebook. I hear you, but it’s an unfortunate requisite these days, and I need to up the Likes 😉 )

    FB page is:

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