9 thoughts on “Studiologic Sledge Synthesizer Demo

  1. Reviewr likes it. in the comments he says he expects the price to be under 10000 euro, which is one reason the case is ABS plastic rather than steel. Could be a winner; it will give the Virus some competition at a decent price point.

  2. So, basically the Sledge is a Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard in a new case that trades some features for more haptic control elements. The reviewer says that the Sledge sounds “fatter” than the Blofeld, but I’m a bit sceptic about that – maybe better D/A converters?

    The thing that I would find most interesting: will the sledge have its own, seperate OS or is it just the Blofeld OS (like Alesis ion/micron = Akai MiniAk)? The main reason why I kept away from the Blofelds until now were the massive complaints about the instable operating system. Let’s see if the Sledge performs differently in this matter…

  3. Nice for live performances, if you hesitate to use laptops. But frankly, I don’t hear anything that can’t be done with VST plugins.

  4. It sounds really nice here and possibly warmer than a blofeld, but it’s hard to tell from the video. If it’s essentially a blofeld sound engine why only 8 voices compared to what is standard on the blofeld? The interface is amazing.

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