Auria, Tachyon & Spacewiz Reviewed On Sonic Touch

The latest episode of Nick Batt & Gaz WIlliams’ Sonic Touch video podcast features three iPad apps: Tachyon, Spacewiz and Auria.

Featured Apps:

  • Tachyon – Simple morphing instrument $1.99 / £1.49
  • SpaceWiz – hypnotic generative music $9.99 /£6.99
  • Auria – multitrack DAW $49.99 / £34.99

via sonicstate

One thought on “Auria, Tachyon & Spacewiz Reviewed On Sonic Touch

  1. I appreciated the honest review of Aria in this video. I’ve long held that emulating desktop software interfaces on a touch screen creates big limitations, and while praise was given where it was due, it was nice to see the clunkiness of such an approach called out. Even on the desktop I’d like to see us stop emulating decades old ways of working. I thought it quite a nice contrast and sign of the changing times to see an emulation of an emulation (Aria) right next to a more forward thinking approach to making musical interfaces (Tachyon) in the same show.

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