Bob Moog’s Legacy

This promo for The┬áBob Moog Foundation features musicians and panelists from Moogfest 2011, discussing their thoughts on Bob Moog’s legacy.

Featuring: Moby, Wayne Coyne, Diego Stocco, Eric Persing, Bryan Bell, Dick Hyman, Terry Riley, David Borden, Joel Cummins, Alan Vega and Torley.

Today is the 7th anniversary of Bob Moog’s death at age 71 and the 6th anniversary of the creation of the Bob Moog Foundation.

6 thoughts on “Bob Moog’s Legacy

    1. Irrelevant and offensive. I wish more people would comment about how great it is that they educate children about sound and electronics, instead of complain about the price of a quality instrument and express their intolerance of those who share a different belief.

  1. God bless Bob Moog! And you get what you pay for if it’s to expensive then to bad . Don’t hate on the man who help pioneer the synthesizer. That’s just stupid.

  2. Wow! A psychoanalyst could have a field day with Starbucks comments above. Moog was a great guy. I am glad he existed. Heck, I can’t afford a Ferrari, but I don’t hate Enzo.

  3. Mr Starbucks probably lives with his mom and spends his “life” lashing out at anything and everything. But of course with these types, the real issue is an inner failure and has zero to do with Moog and his rich legacy. Bob was a confident man of action who didn’t need to shout much. Mr Starbucks may want to take note and try focusing his energy instead of wasting it making enemies on comment threads. Like so many Stratovarius violins, I have a feeling that plenty of Moog products from Bob’s lifetime will still be making beautiful music a hundred years from now.

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