15 thoughts on “Sound Forge Pro – Finally On The Mac

  1. My favorite Audio Editor ever. I can chop samples for hours with soundforge because the workflow is there and it does what I need it too. This just made me want to get a MBA.

  2. Oh my god this rules. Audacity is fine for simple stuff, and is free, but YAY! CoolEdit was the other big one for me back in the day. I really hope this trend continues…

  3. Agreed…the closest think I found was bias peak, but they r dead now, and it wasn’t half as cool as SF! Sound forge ruled….
    Any thoughts on BURIAL (uk electronic producer)…apparently he makes his (incredible IMHO) music with just sound forge….visually aligning wavs to match up beats and mixes everything into a single stereo wavs! I can see it happening, as I’ve done that before, but ith not great results.
    I’ll definitely be getting this version for my Mac!

    1. That’s what I’m wondering, too.

      Seems like music app developers are bailing on Windows or at least moving their attention to OS X.

      Are Macs that dominant in the music industry?

      1. Microsoft has generally treated music as a distant annoyance, whereas Apple embraced it. With the iPad already so dominant, its hard to imagine PCs of any kind being able to catch up for a few years at best. I went through most of the hair-pulling hassles of using Windows for music, which is why I switched to Macs. The level of integration between my various music apps and the OS is so close to trouble-free, its striking. Its the difference between an old Corvair with bad rings and a well-tuned muscle car. Yeah, I’m biased, because it WORKS.

  4. Hell has, apparently, frozen over! That leaves me with only one final PC-only app — 3D Studio Max. If that ever ports, goodbye PC!

      1. Maybe if I had a Mac Pro and could stick my Quaddro in it. Let’s just say it doesn’t perform as well on a Mac Mini… 🙂

  5. Great to see all this competition in the Mac sound editor market now. There were a couple in the $100 price range for a while (Twisted Wave and Wave Edit) and at the higher end only Bias Peak which was drastically overpriced. Lots of options at various price ranges now, and I expect to see more coming, and prices overall dropping.

  6. Switched to mac a few years ago from a PC running winXP. In the case of my own hardware; about the same stability. If you’re using legit products with the proper patches and your various components are in working order, then you’re fine. To be fair, I’m speaking strictly about winXP which was what I was using then. Don’t know jack shit about Vista or win 7 let alone win 8. What I do love about the mac is that it’s so quiet and less clutter.

    1. Win 7 is the first decent (read, very stable) version since XP. So, of course, Microsoft is going to fuck everything up with Win 8.

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