New Hard Soft Synth Offers “15 Modes Of Audio/Video Excellence”

Bleep Labs Hard Soft Synthesizer

Bleep Labs has introduced the new Hard Soft Synth 3jb, a audio + video synthesizer.

The HSS3jb features 15 modes of audio/video excellence, each with 4-5 variables of control. There are also 8 video only modes designed for use with the trigger and audio inputs. An adjustable analog filter keeps everything smooth (or as gnarly as you’d like).

Here’s a video demo of the Hard Soft Synth 3jb:

  • 15 Audio+Video modes and 8 video only modes.
  • RCA, S-video, and VGA video out.
  • Audio, IR, and trigger input as well as trigger out. IR with Handmade Music Austin or Gieskes devices,
  • Hook it up to a modular via trigger or use the audio input to control the sounds and video of the HSS3i.
  • Analog low-pass filter controlled via photocell.
  • MIDI input controls device parameters.
  • Circuit bending, color switching, fade, and individual color controls for video.
  • New enclosure and more compact design (5.5? x 3.5? x 2.5?).

The Hard Soft Synth 3jb is available now for US $285.

6 thoughts on “New Hard Soft Synth Offers “15 Modes Of Audio/Video Excellence”

  1. Er, what is the opposite of synaesthesia?

    I love oscillators, raw FM/AM and ring modulation, but watching shifting moire patterns (or worse, just colored stripes) don’t give the least stirring anywhere…
    Not even the great handcrafted little line play in Fantasia (1940 version) is all that enticing.
    My loss I guess.

  2. Just to correct my previous: Cool project though, more power to them.
    Ought to learn to appreciate instead of couch-diss their work.

    Maybe if it was more Kandinsky than op-art it would give a slightly easier starting point…

  3. walter ruttmans opus series in the twenties would have looked and sounded more like this maybe more controlled due to techniques (painting on film). The peice had a powerful unseen powerfull experience on the audience at the time : .

    this synth offers great inexpensive and possible powerful tool if used in the right way.

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