This Could Be The World’s Coolest Electronic Music Studio

Saturday Synth Porn: Photoblogger Trey Ratcliff posted a gorgeous collection of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos earlier this year of the amazing studio of Hans Zimmer, along with the story of his experience meeting the composer.

While Ratcliff doesn’t offer any insight into the amazing synths and instruments in the studio, he does offer his perspective on Zimmer’s unconventional path to becoming a composer:

Hans loves technology, and he didn’t get serious about composing until he had computers. All of the software tools have helped him to do amazing things. Even though much of his youth was infused with music, he did not go about composing the way others did. He waited and brought a unique background and started relatively “late” in the game. Straight to digital.

He certainly knows how to play instruments, but from what he was saying, he never got into the “composing” elements until computers were sophisticated enough to enable him to take things to a new order of magnitude.

See Ratcliff’s post for more photos from his visit.

via Richard Devine

10 thoughts on “This Could Be The World’s Coolest Electronic Music Studio

  1. That’s a neat space, but it would be nice to see it without all the HDR glowiness. It would definitely look a lot more like an average studio. Aside from the wall of modular synths, of course. And the red velvet furniture.

    1. Actually, I’ve been in that room and I can tell you it doesn’t look like any other studio I’ve ever seen. The HDR captures the feel very well. It’s an unbelievable room. I wish the picture showed his composing desk and front monitors – custom massive soffit-mounted beasts. The sound is jaw-dropping.

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