Hack Animoog To Add Your Own Timbres (No Jailbreak Required)

Reader Tim Webb, aka discchord, put his ‘white hat hacker’ hat on this weekend, and cracked the code on how to add your own timbres to Animoog:

I figured out how to hack in custom timbres for Animoog! No jailbreak required! To celebrate I have released a pack of 10 for folks to try it out, plus complete details to do it yourself!

As shown in the screen capture above, he’s put together a set of new discchord ‘dc’ timbres that can be loaded into Animoog and used to create custom patches.

Here’s an audio demo created with Tim’s custom timbres:

You can download Tim’s unofficial Animoog timbre pack at his site.

You can also create your own custom timbres. Fortunately, Tim’s hack doesn’t involve any changes to Animoog, but only saving samples in the correct format and copying them to the correct place on your iPad.

Tim notes:

If you want to make your own, just make .wavs that 0.371 seconds long. They should also be 44.1, 16-bit MONO. If you give it anything else they will crash when you load them.

Once you create your .wav viles, you have to copy them to your iPad. To do this, you can use a free app, i-Funbox, that lets you browse the file structure of the iPad. The .wav files go in the [Animoog Directory]/Documents/.data/samples/ directory. Try this with Tim’s samples to test the process out.

Other Animoog users are starting to create their own Animoog timbre packs, including  bleepbleepclikbuzz (bbcb) (mediafire .zip). If you make your own, leave a link and share it!

Note: This approach is not officially supported by Moog and there are probably a lot of details that Moog would have to address in order to be able to officially support user-loaded timbres. If a lot of readers try this out and share timbre packs, though, it will demonstrate that there’s a lot of interest in this feature!

via Tim Webb

39 thoughts on “Hack Animoog To Add Your Own Timbres (No Jailbreak Required)

  1. Awesomesauce!

    Nice work Tim, and thanks Tim and BBCB for the additional timbres and presets.

    It’s a shame that the iOS closed box paradigm makes this sort of hackery necessary, but on the other hand the community always rises to such challenges. (Thanks also to the i-Funbox team.)

      1. At least you tried! This really allows you to play with Animoog in an entirely different way, so it is fun to experiment and figure out what works.

        You’ll notice my SoundCloud demo sounds a lot like the original Animoog stuff. That is kind a wild hint at what’s going on, because if you look at my .wavs they are very different. There is a “signature sound” to Animoog.

        Finding what works best with that is a challenge, but it is a neat one! Of my own timbres, the anisotropic engine gets good results with TubroSquare mixing into it.

        1. You’re right. The plain 808 kick drum that I tried had a recognisably Animoog sound – it even pitched the kick perfectly. I noticed that the .wav length is around .9 seconds (it says .3 up there) and I wonder if increasing the file length can help to preserve more of the original timbre of the sound source.

          1. yes, yours worked perfectly! so i must be doing something wrong. just not sure what. samples are 16-bit, mono, 44.1 and 0.371 secs long. i am gonna try again later this week. a friend of mine succeeded as well, so it is possible.

  2. That **** sound sick! I just played the demo through my iPad 1 speaker so imagine when i hook it up to my monitors later. WOW! Tim did the damn thing. Thanks.

  3. I hope that Moog gets the point that this is a feature that people want. I’d be happy to pay for a well-implemented option for doing this.

  4. I’m making 2 unique Timbre Packs and will upload them here when I’m done. Bookmark this Topic!

    I might also do a guide on how to make Timbres on the iPad without having to touch the PC. You will have to be jailbroken though.

  5. Hi,

    This is a Timbre Pack i made using samples of real life, and acoustic instruments. There is also presets includes.

    You can share, use it for free !

    Enjoy !

    PS/ iFunBox is nice for this ! And it’s tested on iPhone 4, IOS 5 & 6.

  6. Thanks Rick. I just upgraded to Animoog 2.0. Unfortunately it looks like that folder, Animoog.app/assets/samples is locked. Copying to the folder doesn’t work (for me anyway). If you look elsewhere in the assets folder, say /presets/ it doesn’t contain any of the user uploaded presets. So I wonder if they’ve somehow locked it down. Would appreciate any guidance on getting this to work with version 2.0!

  7. Hi All,

    I have seen in various places that your own wavs need to be recorded in key A for animoog to play at the correct pitch. Every sample i have analysed from the app is in the key of F? Whenever i have put in my own samples in the key of F and then press F Key on animoog, it plays in tune with F on other apps. Can anyone confirm i’m right and the key of A is wrong?


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