Unofficial Commercial Animoog Timbres Now Available

Sunsine Audio has introduced the first commercial third-party Animoog Timbre expansion pack, Animation Vol 3 – Timbres.

The timbre pack features samples from a Dave Smith Instruments Tetra and an ARP Odyssey. The unofficial pack was created using Tim Webb’s Animoog timbre hack.


  • 64 .wav files
  • All timbres feature the Sunsine name for easy recognition.
  • Detailed installation instructions included.

Note: User timbres are not officially supported by Moog. Loading them requires the use of iFunBox. Sunshine Audio notes, “This feature is not officially supported by Moog Music Inc. and requires you use a file management software (iFunBox) that can seriously mess up your device if used improperly. Neither Sunsine Audio nor (Tim Webb) will be responsible for damages to software or hardware, or any other problems that may occur from the use of these files.”

The timbre pack is priced at $3.49. A free preview pack is available.

via Fletcher Kaufman

7 thoughts on “Unofficial Commercial Animoog Timbres Now Available

  1. What’s to keep this from getting blown away when Moog releases an update?

    My understanding is that apps are ‘sandboxed’ on iOS and if you uninstall/reinstall them, it basically replaces everything in those directories.

    Anybody know if that’s right or not?

  2. To answer your question iMan – In that particular case, users could simply reload the timbres!
    To answer the general question everyone is asking about an update that would permanently break the use of these files, we will provide a coupon or credit to customers for any other single product we produce!
    Thank you for expressing your very valid concerns,
    Fletcher Kaufman
    Sunsine Audio

  3. Yep. Backup and reload. Now that you learned how to hack the filesytem thats the easy part. Like the above comment moog should embrace this. IMO the app is way more versatile now.

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