Control Ableton Live With Multitouch Screens With Yeco

Developer Graham Comerford let us know about Yeco, the latest version of his free multitouch software for controlling Ableton Live:

Yeco is a multi touch controller for Ableton Live. It is available for free from the Multitouch Music site. Yeco will run on Windows 32 & 64 bit. A Mac version will be available in early September.

Customized versions of Yeco, custom touch midi controllers, and custom touch OSC controllers are available for a small fee.

Yeco was previously called TouchLive.

Check out the demo and let us know what you think of Yeco!

12 thoughts on “Control Ableton Live With Multitouch Screens With Yeco

    1. I think yes. I have Fujitsu T4310 tablet PC also there are some 24″ LCD touch panels in the market if you have no tablet PC. Also obviously Windows 8 tablets are on the horizon too.

  1. I don’t fully get it. Why is an extra sofware needed to control Ableton? Can’t you just run Ableton on a touchscreen and control it directly? What are the advantages of using a software like Yeco? Is it the bigger knobs and simplier user interface?
    I’ve read that Abletons faders are quite imprecise on a Multitouch. Is that something Yeco resolves?

    1. Yes that is exactly the issue yeco resolves. A lot of the controls in ableton are small & don’t respond as you would expect when controlled with touch. Hopefully this is something ableton will fix in the next version. Also software like yeco, touchAble, or mu, can be nicer to use when performing as a lot of the clutter is removed from the screen & some extras such as keyboards and drumpads are added.

      1. Ahh ok! I see!
        Sounds interesting!
        I’m primarily having in mind to produce with Ableton on a touchscreen. But as a DJ-setup Yeco could be really nice! I’ll definitively have a closer look at it as soon as I have my touchscreen 🙂

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