Korg ‘Major Announcement’ Coming – What Do You Think It Will Be?

Korg updated its site today, adding this teaser image for a ‘major announcement’.

They aren’t giving anything away about what the announcement will be, just saying that they will be live streaming it on 9/4.

What do you think the ‘major announcement’ will be?

61 thoughts on “Korg ‘Major Announcement’ Coming – What Do You Think It Will Be?

  1. Anything analog!

    I like the two earlier suggestions, but would really like an analog electribe, like the EA-1 but with two analog synths.

  2. 64-bit updates for their Legacy / Digital plugin line which has not been updated since January 2011? Naaah, probably another iPad app. Who cares about those customers how have purchased something in the past?

  3. Its got to be something major to justify a live streaming announcement.

    I wish they’d at least say if it was for keyboardists, DJ’s, guitarists, etc.

  4. I love korg but they need to deliver a synth that isn’t a freakin micro. I predict a competitor to the novation ultranova or the Roland Gaia. Of course, they are obviously not up to DSI par but the new Mopho x4 is creating quite the buzz

  5. Korg just posted a 1 question survey on FB asking if users prefer lots of knobs or a simplified interface. Obviously, the survey wouldn’t apply to this production cycle, but it does hint at the company’s mindset.

    I’ve sworn to myself that I won’t be buying new gear for a very long time, but all bets are off if Korg announces a proper analog synth.

  6. Kronos in software plugin form … after all, it’s only software, why not run it in our PCs with big screens and our favorite keyboard controllers?

  7. FM and wave sequencing synths from Kronos in a groovebox interface.

    New physical modeling performance synth – a poly prophecy with iPad editor and preset morphing.

  8. I’d like to see an updated Kaoss Pad 4 (the lame Quad doesn’t count). User-assignable FX to X and Y (and throw in a D-beam to make a Z!).

    Also would be cool to see Korg make some sort of DJ-controller/synth fusion device.

  9. September 4th is the day that the Canadian suppliers are shipping Kronos X. Coincidence?
    If that’s the announcement it isn’t much of one.

  10. Alright if its gonna be with a ton of knobs then there better be something that will please many! Good sounds for all music people 😉

    Wait and see…

  11. Not sure what it will be but they better be releasing the new Kronos 2.0.2 Plug-in Editor soon. They have only 2 days left before August ends 🙂

  12. This year it was the Microkorgo 10th birthday, so I would expect a new Microkorg.
    If they make it analog they have my heart and wallet.

  13. Hmmm…
    * A clone of the Arturia Minibrute
    * A Moog knockoff ?
    * iPad version of the Legacy Collection – iPad Edition ?

  14. A new Electribe!!!! Please oh please oh please a new Electribe

    If its anything to do with the iPad we are all gonna be sorely dissapointed

  15. Maybe full Legacy Collection for iOS? It will be great, just in time.
    Anyone with enough intelligence treat iPad not as another fancy toy or computer, but rather as a nice piece of DSP with good interface, so you can use it just as any HW digital synth, especially considering the price of old iPads. Even Moog and Wolfgan Palm realise this potential. No hype or fanboyism, just true situation as it is.

  16. If anything it is another workstation with hammer weighted piano keys which is somehow integrated with your iPad, maybe multi track recording capabilities..1 bit resolution stuff..being the pessimist it will never be the rerelease of the PS- 3300..still obsessively think about it? kinda of like uncle frank in one crazy summer ..”why can’t they just leave me alone with my dream”

  17. They’ve bought Ableton and will release version 9 next week but with no support for Akai peripherals. Hehe, that would be divisive 😉

  18. Every time there is supposed to be a major announcement, there is always a chorus of people bleating for something analog. I like the idea of having analog modeling as long as there are other synthesis types available, but analog by itself is BORING BORING BORING!!!

  19. at the time of Korg’s announcement a command will be transmitted to these Micro boxes we all have in our studios, they will automatically combine or transform into one giant MEGAKORG, with huge football field sized x/y pads that will take dozens of people to control,,,the sounds will be,,, MEGAsized!!!

  20. I tend to prefer Korg, but I still wonder why they have never released a tabletop KARMA module. It seems like a huge no-brainer in a dance-centric world. If it was just the ‘brain’ and not a synth, many of us would leap on it for running half of our rigs. I’m not willing to run the KARMA software for a couple of personal reasons, but I’d save up for that hardware module.

  21. If Korg was smart they would introduce, or re-introduce, an analogue mono synth.

    They already updated Kronos, and it is the microKORG’s 10th anniversary.

    If Arturia, a software company can release an awesome & affordable analogue synth, why can’t KORG?

  22. Seeing that the OASYS was followed by the M3 which was the OASYS’s PCM engine, stripped from the other engines, I think it will be a cheaper workstation with the KRONOS’s PCM engine and some but not all of the other engines, less memory, less sophisticated sequencer etc. Somewhere between M3 and M50 in price because KRONOS is already less expensive than OASYS.

  23. I would really love a Korg Z2 as a continuation of the physical modelling synthesis introduced (and abandoned) with Prophecy, Z1 and MOSS.

  24. – Kronos desktop/rack? (I would love to have Kronos rack with a standard USB touch LCD input. The tiny LCD on the Kronos keyboards is a real downside compared to Oasys)
    – Something analogue (Monotribe with all hidden MIDI features seems to be a testing device for something more advanced – I would expect keyboard synth (micro keyboard) with VCO/VCF/VCA otherwise digitally controlled, MIDI, basic envelopes (full env accessble via MIDI cc), simple sequencer, LP/HP Korg filters, with MS10/20 reminding design, target price €350-450)
    – Kronos for iPad 🙂 🙂 🙂 … fun, but what about iPad controller replacing the display ?
    – Polysix/M1/and the rest of the Legacy collections for iPad
    – Kaoss Pad for iPad

  25. The “Micro Madness” competition that Korg are running at the moment promises, as a prize, one of 4 new products that Korg are releasing at the end of the year. This announcement must relate to that. Given the “Mono Madness” competition they ran last year, I’m guessing and hoping that at least one of these new products is the microkorg / monotron hybrid that will sell like hot cakes!

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