Native Instruments Intros Maschine MKII

Native Instruments has introduced Maschine MKII, the next generation of its hardware/software beatmaking workstation.

Here’s what’s new with Maschine MKII:

  • Each one of the 16 touch-pads can be assigned a different color to easily separate and identify sounds, patterns, groups, and scenes.
  • With the new Maschine, you can timestretch and pitch shift your samples directly from the hardware, eliminating the need to jump back and forth from host systems.
  • The Maschine MKII controller now has a master push encoder with grid, and 47 all-click-buttons that help to speed up the workflow.
  • The Maschine MKII’s high contrast displays have a higher viewing angle that will help keep things visible, even with some difficult live performance placements.
  • The new Maschine also allows for Host Transport Control, meaning that the hardware’s transport controls can be used to control the host DAW when the unit is being used as a VST, Audio Unit or RTAS plug-in.
  • There are also some new effects such as Transient Master, Tape and Tube Saturators; and
  • A full version of the Massive synthesizer is included.

Details and video demo below.

Software Enhancements in Version 1.8

  • MK2 controller support
  • Colors for Groups, Sounds, Scenes, and Patterns
  • Full version of MASSIVE synthesizer
  • Offline time stretching and pitch shifting
  • New effect: Transient Master
  • New effect: Tape and Tube Saturators
  • Save group with samples feature
  • Host Transport Control: If Maschine is run as a plug-in, the hardware transport controls can be used with the host
  • Sample play position indicator on the waveform (hardware and software)
  • AutoWrite pinning
  • AutoWrite on Maschine Mikro
  • Improved handling of missing samples
  • Pre-hear samples from the hardware browser before loading them
  • Choke all playing sampler voices feature (“panic button”: Shift + Mute)
  • Revised select page (hardware) with access to note length
  • Quick select events of a sound in a pattern (Shift + Select + Pad)
  • Quick erase events of a sound in a pattern (Erase + Select + Pad)

The MASCHINE MKII Controller:

  • Multi-color pads, now refined and even more touch sensitive
  • Colors freely assignable to Sounds, Patterns, Groups and Scenes
  • Master push encoder with grid, and 47 all-new click-buttons
  • Timestretch and pitch shifting capability
  • Improved high contrast displays with higher viewing angle
  • Host Transport Control: hardware transport controls can be used to control host
  • New effects: Transient Master, Tape and Tube Saturators
  • Numerous workflow improvements for an even more intuitive and faster workflow
  • Customizable Mk2 hardware with removable magnetic faceplate for optional MASCHINE CUSTOM KITS
  • Now also available in white

The Maschine MKII is available for pre-order now for 599 Euro. Shipment is expected to begin on October 1st.

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29 thoughts on “Native Instruments Intros Maschine MKII

  1. my mouth waters at the beauty of this controller, but i just couldn’t get in to the machine software, guess I’m just being lazy.

  2. That thing is beautiful. Native Instruments has been pure class as of late. Are they ever gonna build an analog synthesizer or am I just dreaming?

  3. Argh. That looks awesome. Too bad I bought one the first week they were available and ended up with one that has really dim washed out screens…

  4. So opinions, if I just bought an origianl for the reduced sale price, would it be worth returning and waiting for the MKII?

  5. So NI is doing to Numark what Samsung did to Apple. lol J/K!

    Numark! You know you done f**ked up right? Lallygagging on the Ren.

  6. What I have to wonder is what’s stopping NI from permitting pitch-shifting and timestretching on the mk.1? Since the Maschine hardware is simply a controller I’m puzzled as to why it can’t be done… or is it just a ruse to get us to upgrade?
    I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that they’re continuing to support my old mk.1, and a free copy of Massive will do nicely, but the timestretching thing does seem like a bit of a dick move.

    1. Or am I reading this wrong? Reading back through the promo bumf, it doesn’t seem entirely clear which functions are part of the hardware, and which are software…

      1. Timestretch and pitch shift are definitely part of the software, and will be available to users of the original Maschine hardware. Plus Massive! WIN!!!

  7. it is explicitly said that the 1.8 software brings Massive and Timestretch, it is not explicitly said that “MK1” Maschine users will have access to 1.8, but i guess so. At the moment my Service Center has no nice presents for me…

    1. All the new fx, time stretch , pitch shift, Massive, Elements, and everything else listed for V1.8
      Will be available for ALL versions of Maschine! Also, the stand will work with both Maschine and Maschine MKII..but not Mikro!


  8. This looks great. I would imagine the time and pitch stuff will work on the original MK I unless the function is tied to the new push encoder or something similar.

    1. Agreed, NI has impeccable industrial design chops in the hardware department. I really want this bad boy, I miss sequencing by banging out beats instead of clicking with my damn mouse. If the rumors about Apple making a touchscreen iMac are true though, I think sequencing on a computer is about to get a whole lot cooler. That would be amazing to have a controller like this and bang out ideas, and then go on a giant touchscreen and move stuff around, and resize them and draw in automation with my fingers. Sounds like sequencing heaven, well until they perfect the “Minority Report” style interface….Hurry up future!

  9. Well, not much to say apart from one comment though: “The new Maschine also allows for Host Transport Control”. Actually Maschine always allowed you to control the host DAW; you could always switch between “Maschine mode” and “controller mode”, the latter allowed you to apply specific controller templates or setup your own.

    But apart from that I think this looks pretty cool indeed.

    1. you could switch between control modes, but couldn’t control the DAW while using the maschine for the maschine plugin, which i found kind of annoying and made me use maschine as standalone.

  10. it’s looking to me that most of the features i care about are just software. i’m wondering how the push encoder is used in work flow and if it can better my work flow/if it will be used with time stretch and retuning.

  11. Look back at the old threads a few months ago when NI started discounting Maschine v1 and I warned people not to buy…. Told ya so.

  12. why not buy? mk1 models can do anything mk2 can do for nearly half the price, i just bought a mikro mk1 with the special offer and for that price (including 49€ komplete elements + a 25€ voucher) it’s simply a steal. And i’m happy I did this before they’re gone.
    And if 1.8 is coming also to the mk1 users, well, not hating but I think I can live without colored pads.

    1. Agree. I bought Mikro two days ago and I have to say that colored pads would not worth EUR 100 for me. Actually, I prefer that orange glow. Colored pads would be much more useful on Ableton controllers.

    2. I had some inside info from an NI employee when I made my post hinting at the new Maschine 2. The reason I advised not buying the discounted Maschine version was :

      1. I knew about Maschine 2 and wanted those ready to buy to wait so they didn’t regret their purchase of version 1.

      2. Version 2 has a few distinct features on the hardware side that make the hardware experience more enjoyable. The push encoder (and associated workflow improvements), better build quality, customizations, stand, and colored pads… For someone ready to buy, I thought those would be something to consider. I promised my friend that I wouldn’t disclose the exact nature of maschine 2, so I was stuck with being vague. It was the best I could do and still share with this forum.

      3. While software version 1.8 will work with maschine hardware version 1, version 2.0 may not. Those who bought the first maschine on clearance might be losing out in the long term when maschine version one is inevitably made obsolete by 2.0 software (thereby forcing a purchase on those who wish to remain current).

      I’ve been posting on this site for almost as long as this site has been up. I don’t really understand the thumbs down when I’m trying to help my fellow synthtopia readers out. I care less about being correct as I do potentially helping out musicians. My relationships with various synth manufacturers and music industry professionals means that I sometimes have insight into things others will not. I also make 100% of my livelihood with music, working in 2 large studios in N.Y.. I hope this explains and validates my reasons for posting. Again, sorry I had to be so vague in my previous posts.

  13. It’s ok. You can’t please everybody.

    I bought a discounted Maschine. I expected them to launch a new controller, but did not want to wait and stretch my budget.
    The original is a blast to use and €200 is a substantial amount.

    When 2.0 arrives we’ll see what NI does. But the controllers are just that, controllers. Additional lights, click buttons and a rotary encoder do not justify a break of compatibility. Greed does.

    Obsolescence is overrated.

    PS – the stand is also compatible with MK1.

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