25 thoughts on “Roland INTEGRA-7 Rack Synthesizer On The Way

    1. It’s German 😉 It says:

      “The INTEGRA-7 offers the gigantic amount of more than 6.000 great sounds in one instrument. With expressive and fresh SuperNATURAL sounds, powerful classic synthesizer sounds and the indispensable sounds of all legendary 12 SRX boards it combines past, present and future of sound design.”

  1. INTEGRA-7 offers more than 6,000 outstanding instrument sounds in one device. With expressive and fresh SuperNATURAL sounds, powerful classic synthesizer sounds, and the essential sounds of all 12 legendary SRX boards, INTEGRA-7 combines the past, present and future of sound design.

    The core of the INTEGRA-7 is its SuperNATURAL sound engine with behavior modeling technology.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always found the superNATURAL sounds are a bit “cheesy”. It’s quite hard to quantify, but the patches always seem to have an air of those auto-arranger keyboards about them. Is it just me?

    Anyway, I’m very interested in rack synths. They seem more useful in a sequenced environment than keyboards that will take up space. Not that the Jupiter-80 makes any sounds that we can’t with plugins…

  3. I love the Jupiter 80. This board gets hated a lot. But I disagree about soft synths. Jupiter is so greatly programmable. I need so many so many different sounds as an audio professional and it always seems to have what I need. Granted I have to program it. As an OWNER and not just a hater, I love it.

  4. I’ve seen two lengthy demos where capable people played the JP as a SYNTH. You people are balmy. The sound is huge. If it doesn’t suit you or seems too pricey, that’s fine; a lot of it is subjective, because its Music. However, don’t blame the synth if you aren’t willing to explore it. JP80 layers sound as rich as the Jupiter-8 did years ago when I first got to play one. The old name hasn’t been dishonored.

  5. I kinda predicted this after the release of the jp50
    now we will just have to wait to see what else it has up its sleeve
    price point will have to be reasonable too for it to make any inroads.

    1. Especially given the fact that those boards used to cost almost 200 bucks a piece and came with some really good sounds. I own like 6 srx boards and they werent cheap by any means. So if that synth comes with the whole collection at a reasonable price, it could be a great deal.

      1. Yeah, I also think there are plenty of useful high quality sounds, making this thing an unbeatable palette of timbres. I just wonder if it will be possible to use all the patches in multi mode without loosing their effects how actually happens in the Fantom XR…

  6. +1 on the Jupiter-80 love. Hope it integrates (Integra?) seamlessly with the Integra-7.

    Would have to tell the missus, one more time, this is the last synth I’ll buy.

  7. If the price is right, it will be a nice module, especially with the SRX boards. Knowing Roland, I doubt the price will be right…

  8. loads of top quality sounds in one box is the solution to my needs for stage and studio . . . . now if there was a lovely new 88 note controller on the way from Roland with ivory feel, top quality progressive action etc etc . . . . . . . ah well, who knows what tomorrow will bring!

  9. I kind of predicted this as well once I read about the leak at the KSS forums. And for a second I thought it might be a great idea, until I started to really think about it. Although I applaud Roland for making a rack module that houses all of the classic SR sounds, I wonder why they haven’t taken a step forward and made a vst instrument that provides all of those classics sounds in the way Korg did with the Wavestation. An affordable vst instrument that gives you all of those classic Roland sounds without braking the bank? Why that hasn’t happened yet is anyone’s guess.

    I mean, it just makes more sense. I have owned ALL of the original SR cards (at least twice), and yes, there are some beautiful classic sounds on those expansion boards. But from a cost ratio standpoint, wouldn’t it be simpler to provide all of the original waveforms in a well thought out vst instrument? The cards themselves only store 8MB of data, and the combined total from ALL of the cards barely reaches 170MB. When you compare that to the size of most modern day sound libraries, its almost laughable. Omnisphere along with Trilogy easily top past 80GB of sound data and that is a pretty complete library combo, not to mention the sound quality is bar none. I mean fuck, almost any sample library will easily surpass that just on drum hits alone.

    It just seems pointless and overkill to create a dedicated hardware unit that will only house what equates to less than 200MB of waveforms. And there is nothing that this hardware unit can do to those waveforms that cant be done with software on any standard computer. I really do hope that there is more to this than just a collection of old sounds.

    1. The only reason Roland do not sell this as a software plugin/library is the fear of piracy. Any digital synth, be it ROMpler, VA, FM, whatever, can be sold as software running on PC/Mac and sometimes it will be even better if you use top class audio cards with high quality DACs, but manufacturers know that whatever the protection, it WILL be cracked, so … no Kronos plugin (hehe)!
      Anyway, it looks great, and i am sure it will sound great, too, but i’m not buying it because the used XV5080 i bought two months ago (fully loaded with JV and SRX cards) fully covers my needs.

  10. Hi everyone. The Integra-7 not only includes the SuperNatural acoustic and synth sections of the new Jupiter line (including iPad editing which I have and is slick, especially live), it also includes ALL the sounds from the XV-5080 as well as all SRX expansion boards. Kind of like getting everything old plus all the new wrapped up in one package. It is 16 part multitimbral. Just dont know how they are allocating the effects yet. Something tells me each part will get its own if Roland continues what they started with the Jupiters, which are incredibly powerful and flexible when it comes to effects (and everything else for that matter). I have owned and played live weekly with my Jupiter-80 for over a year now and it is incredible. Dont hate it until you have thoroughly tried it (playing Jump at Guitar Center doesnt count).

  11. I’ll right away clutch your rss feed as I can not find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly let me recognize in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

    1. I do not as I left this info as a one-off to address some ignorance I was reading on this thread. I will never understand why people continue to say how “underwhelmed” they are about a piece of technology that they neither had anything to do with its inception/production, or actually use as an owner in any meaningful way. There are pros and cons with any instrument we choose… it is a very qualitative decision as to which instrument we spend our hard earned money on. To those who would criticize any manufacturers goods publicly only due to the fact they either cannot afford to purchase it themselves, or it does not satisfy a specific need that particular user has, please be aware of how you come across to the rest of the community. Either ignorant, immature, or simply self agenda-driven. Open your minds a bit. What works for you may not work for me, and vica-versa.

      ILA, sorry I cannot help you with an rss feed.

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