31 thoughts on “PPG Wavegenerator Demo By Wolfgang Palm

  1. Wow! I’m really impressed by what I’ve just heard and seen. When he shows off the portamento around 5:15 it just sounds wonderfull.

  2. I’d like to hear more presets, to check the range of the instrument. I’m sure this will be a killer synth but the demos haven’t done a lot for me. And competition, let’s face it, is tough on the iPad (Animoog, Addictive, Sunrizer and the like).

    1. The competition might not be as fierce as you think. If you’re like me, you end up buying most of them anyways. I have: Sunrizer, Animoog, Addictive Synth, Grain Science, TC-11, Cassini, Magellan, DXi, iMS-20, iYM2151, GrainBender, etc… That’s only synth apps and I’m probably forgetting a few. PPG Wavegenerator will be added to that list, shortly. It’s possible many of us who are used to saving up a long while for hardware or even expensive desktop VSTs are going overboard because these apps are relatively so inexpensive; I skip lunch and buy a synth instead… it’s cool.

  3. so the question becomes – who will be first to market with their app? Palm or Waldorf? Waldorf’s already running out of time on their “summer” release date for the ipad app…. brings back the days of the perpetual “SOON” when waldorf promised OS updates for their old hardware synths.

    1. I can’t wait to hear what the Waldorf has to offer.
      Having said that, the Palm is still quite a nice synth.

      Might have to save my pennies and get both! You can NEVER have too many synth apps…..well that’s what I keep telling my wife! 😉

  4. This app right here is the truth and sounds amazing to me. I will use this for hours a day just making sounds. My iPad is Priceless with these kind of apps installed. You can’t lose.

  5. This is why I keep all my old iPads, an iPad for this synth, an iPad for that synth, this one for sequencer performance control, now how will the iPad mini fit into the equation…Muh, ha, ha, ha!

    1. I try to keep my old iPads, but the pleading looks in the eyes of relatives generally gets to me… Damn their puppy dog eyes!

  6. I’m going to have to hear more of it. The concept of three “oscillators” with separate wave tables sounds interesting, but none of the demo sounds I’ve heard so far have done much for me. Frankly, what he shows off in the video looks like reinvented the Animoog.

    Mr P

  7. It would be really cool, if a controller in the style of the olp PPG Wave, was made availabe for this app. Kind of like the Synth Station 49, but with some knobs, buttons and encoders. Of course with the lovely PPG logo!

  8. You know with all these synth apps being created, maybe Apple should make an iPad strictly for musicians, with some of the top synth apps loaded stock… And addons available too. But just for kicks to sell one already fully loaded and ready to jam 😉

  9. Please do not compare to Animoog. Mr. Palm was one of the first who tried to innovate the Oscillator with his Wavetable technology. This App is wonderfully designed by the inventor himself and is, at least for me, a PPG as it was meant to be. It’s a revolution from the past on a device from the present and even more controllable than most of the VSTi toys. Thank you Wolfgang! I never thought you would make me buy an iPad. 🙂

  10. it is impressive, but i do hope that they port it to a normal computer operating system sometime in the future, it would be nice to use very high quality ad/da converters instead of the ipad headphone out jack and of course it would be nice to run the ppg emulation as a plugin within your favorite daw too, a guy can dream…

      1. while the name “ppg” is the same, they are both quite different pieces of software. for instance you can create your own wavs and waveforms with the ipad ppg wavegenerator but the vst ppg wave 3.0 uses what it comes with and that’s that, that’s quite a gigantic difference for someone that would be interested in creating their own sounds. more differences can be picked out if you look, i am very curious how the audio rendering quality between the 2 are as well but have yet to find any comparisons.

    1. You are not stuck with the headphone Jack output with the iPad. You can use any number of High Quality USB Audio interfaces via the Camera Connection Kit for better quality input and output.

      1. midi controllers are cheap, even a little korg nanokontrol would be be incredibly useful, not to mention adding that tactile element

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