PPG Wavegenerator For iPad Submitted For Approval

PPG Wavegenerator iPad

Wolfgang Palm has announced that PPG Wavegenerator for the iPad has been submitted to the App Store.

“Yesterday, the WaveGenerator app was sent to Apple for approval,” notes Palm. “We hope that it will be in the Apple App Store soon”

“It is good to be back and to be able to share my creative ideas with the world in these new ways,” he adds. “It has the DNA of my first baby, but this grandchild has a 21st century personality.”

Here’s a demo song created with PPG Wavegenerator:

PPG Wavegenerator will be priced at $19.99.

For specifications and audio demos, see our earlier PPG Wavegenerator post.

17 thoughts on “PPG Wavegenerator For iPad Submitted For Approval

  1. I am in the middle of a second extended piece and I have a feeling that this app is going to fill some of the spaces to perfection. The idea of turning a photo in to a waveform is interesting. I am a big fan of Mr. Palms Plex software synth. I hope that he might revive that idea in an iPad app as well. That would be stellar!

  2. Let me use the apps that I have now, because once this is on my iPad It will just be me, PPG and a Hardware sampler of my choice locked in a room for a few days.

  3. I’m not sure that I understand the appeal here. The sounds in the sample song sound mediocre at best to me. I prefer the lush sound of subtractive synths. Perhaps I’m not well versed in the PPG history, however, I’d rather use Sunrizer or something similar. Supersaw sounds way better to me than this.

    1. right !! the demo is awfull ……Mr Palm is certainly a great scientist but he should find real musician to perform his demos… Plus….digital/wavetables need warm filter to sound decent and I’m not sure the Ipad proceesor can provide enough power to emulate such filters (remember you need 6 notes polyphony to play a 3 notes pad chord (3 notes for release stage))

  4. I personally can’t wait for this synth, but I have to agree that the demo song is underwhelming. Based on the specs and screenshots we’ve seen of this synth it looks like it’s capable of making some mind blowing modern (as well as retro) sounds, but the demo seems sort of vanilla.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some kind of introductory price sale.

  5. Here are my not so well thought out, off the top of my head comments about no price discounts,

    With a limited time offer people are more likely to jump on it. It also gives the people most interested in it (presumably the ones who have been following the pre release news) a thank you discount and helps to get some positive reviews at the beginning which should then lead to better sales later (even if the increase is marginal). Maybe make it clear that it is a one time discount or something. It doesn’t need to be on sale later on.
    By saying the price is fixed at $X, there may end up being some that don’t feel rushed to buy it as they can get it a month from now or a year from now at the same price. It also kind of forces the developer to maintain that price which could get difficult if for whatever reason sales don’t meet expectations. Whereas in that case a price decrease may help give a needed boost. But it’s already been stated that the price would not fluctuate leading people to believe they aren’t going to get a better deal than this.
    Unless the developer is so convinced that the quality of the thing is so high that everyone interested won’t think twice about it (which COULD end up being the case), then i don’t see any harm in discounting it at launch.

  6. I don’t know why there’s any debate, it’s twenty dollars. There are 11 envelopes, 4 Lfos, you can draw your own wave shapes. Stay in an eat frozen pizza instead of going to a bar one Friday and the app is paid for. Sure it was fun to get animoog for a dollar, but let’s be honest the developers deserve their thirty dollars. The only thing I wonder is how many modulation destinations/sources are there? After owning a Dave smith synth, i know this is the most important thing.

    1. I wasn’t really debating the price. I’m fine with it. I was just thinking about how the developer could extract the most money. And i couldn’t think of any disadvantages to an initial promo discount.

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