Motional Surround Control With iPad Editor & Roland INTEGRA-7

This is a quick video demo of Motional Surround Control with the iPad Editor & the Roland INTEGRA-7 sound module.

The INTEGRA-7 introduces Motional Surround , which lets you control not only the left/right panning of sounds, but also their depth.  A solo instrument can be placed nearby, for example, while the backing or percussion instruments can be placed at a distance, thus creating a sound field with natural width and depth.

This sound processing can also be applied to external audio; connect an audio player or instrument to the INTEGRA-7’s inputs and immerse it in Motional Surround. Adjust the parameters in real time via MIDI, as well as with the dedicated iPad app or VSTi plug-in editor for DAWs such as SONAR.

Motional Surround supports two-channel output and 5.1-channel output.

3 thoughts on “Motional Surround Control With iPad Editor & Roland INTEGRA-7

  1. Great demo,
    I tried to close my eyes to find the sound movement but nothing
    There is an app for demo purpose, sound 3d or something like, that maked the 3d sound really better, but better than this one is an easy job
    Probably is because of my headset

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