MacBeth Micromac-r Makes “One Hell Of A Lot Of Sound”

Here’s another sneak preview, via Ken MacBeth, of the upcoming Micromac-r synthesizer.

“This is the first test that I have done of the micromac-r synthesizer since this test example came back from the assembly plant,” says MacBeth. “All is good! It’s working perfectly! One hell of a lot of sound come from a very micro sized unit!”

Check it out and let us know what you think!

15 thoughts on “MacBeth Micromac-r Makes “One Hell Of A Lot Of Sound”

    1. there’s no built-in sequencer, he’s using the sequencer on the korg. each oscillator has its own CV input so you can sequence them individually, pretty nifty.

  1. I have a feeling that this is what the future of synthesis might look like.
    It has the analog sound and tweakability of a hardware synth which we all love. But it’s so tiny, it could fit in a rack and be macgyvered to be sequence-able. It removes that flaw of analog synths that they can be a bit bulky. It does several things better than a VST can.

    Quite often the sounds we want as the “bread and butter” just don’t use all the crazy routing capabilities of serious VSTs like massive, and we’d rather have a ballsy, simple, analog sound. I can totally see a market for this.

      1. ha, I was thinking in terms of smaller units for those of us who haven’t the money/space/strong floor to have a proper modular.

  2. Unusually for Ken, he made this video in colour and you can actually see the product – good marketing move. The incredible range of cool sounds may help with sales, too.

  3. Don’t ask him about the companies who manufacture for him,
    He wont want to reveal the companies he uses manufacturing for military purposes.
    Zot engineering etc, He seemed to comically boast of how great is build was cause the companies he used work for the ‘aeropspace’ industry then he took down this info from his web site when some people thought it was fucked up buying a synth that was put together by companies who do military work.
    The price will be the second ‘bombshell’

    Typically the term is used to refer to the industry that researches, designs, manufactures, operates, and maintains vehicles moving through air and space. Aerospace is a very diverse field, with a multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications.

    1. Here I thought we were all done with the witch hunt, but I’m glad to be wrong, because I love to hear crazy people come up with these crazy stories. Have you given any money to a Nigerian prince lately? This is a synth blog, not a conspiracy theory nuthouse, you might find people more interested in the YouTube comments of zeitgeist.

      As for the synth, it’s pretty awesome looking/sounding, I really like the seperate vco inputs. I hope the keyboard version actually comes out. That or those fancy touch plates.

  4. Quite possibly one of the fattest sounding synths on the planet… made by a truly musical genius, who gets what the big boys just do not comprehend anymore…

    Now Ken, would you make us a drum machine and step sequencer too please?

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