Holy Internet Meme-a-mundo, Impaktor Looks Awesome!

We don’t normally get caught up in pre-release Internet teaser hype*, but this demo for the new Beep Street Impaktor drum synthesizer is actually pretty damn cool.

Impaktor is a physically modeling drum synth for iOS that is driven by audio input. Based on this demo, it looks like it pairs a flexible synth engine with very responsive and expressive control.

Check out the demo and let us know what you think of Impaktor.

Availability is ‘coming soon’ and pricing is TBA.

* Completely false statement

11 thoughts on “Holy Internet Meme-a-mundo, Impaktor Looks Awesome!

    1. Apparently it will, but maybe without one of the effects. That might have changed, but that was the word about a montha go.

  1. I can just see the performance with this one. Puttin my ipad down on the table, tapping a few times, and boom! Instant rythme to my jewharp…. Or whatever:)

  2. Awesome 🙂 Seems like a pretty cool app, I wish they do an android version too 🙂
    By the way, I think starting the loop demo with the “keys” instead of the rhythm was not a good idea..

  3. It is absolutely mind blowing! Extremely expressive and the sounds are lovely it kind of reminds me of Collision on Ableton, if this was a vst plugin it would cost 10 times more.

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