PPG WaveGenerator Update On The Way With Audio Recorder, AudioCopy

Remember the other day when we noted that digital synth pioneer Wolfgang Palm was paying attention to your feedback on his new PPG Wavegenerator app?

Today he announced an update for WaveGenerator, now in beta. Here’s what’s coming in the new version:

  • Audio Copy
  • File sharing via iTunes
  • Audio recorder
  • Updated presets
  • Misc bug fixes
  • The setup file now includes the MIDI device

In addition, Palm shared a couple of demos of PPG WaveGenerator in action:

This audio demo highlights WaveGenerator’s capabilities for pad sounds.

Below, a quick demo of PPG WaveGenerator being driven by the Moon Modular M569 modular sequencer:


7 thoughts on “PPG WaveGenerator Update On The Way With Audio Recorder, AudioCopy

  1. Not sure what the word for someone who starts off as a legend and keeps becoming more of a legend is but what ever that word is, that word would describe Wolfgang to a tea!

    Cheers Wolfgang!

  2. I wish him to make more money with this app that he ever had in the past. Those people, pam, smith, etc, are rare and really need our support so they can make even more fun, creative stuff…

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