Korg + Korg + Vacuum Cleaner Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s synth jam/music video via reader Ville Väisänen, featuring a two-fisted punch of Korg action with a side of vacuum cleaner.

Technical details:

Synth jam / music video featuring Korg R3 synth/vocoder, Korg Monotribe analog synth (routed to guitar amp sim + reverb in Live), fretless bass for melody part, some prepared loops in Live, vacuum cleaner that was recorded and then mangled with Sugar Bytes Turnado (which in turn is controlled from iPhone TouchOSC).

I made 3D fractal scene with amazing free app Mandelbulber and wireframe model in Poser. Other videos from youtube (Japanese vacuum cleaner ad, vintage Hoover ad and NASA’s Kepler space telescope videos).

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