Makeover Monday At Synthtopia

We’re trying something new at Synthtopia this week – Makeover Monday.

Reader + graphic designer Roland Onodi contacted us via Facebook last week and said “I love your site, but….” and followed up with a new header image for the site and a couple of related graphics.

We asked readers for ideas and input on this and there seems to be consensus on the idea that it would be cool to allow readers to submit artwork for the site to be featured on Mondays. We still need to figure out the details of how to do this while maintaining quality and avoiding confusion, so weigh in on the original post with your ideas.

Onodi lives in Budapest, Hungary.

23 thoughts on “Makeover Monday At Synthtopia

      1. x10.

        I think it would be cool if there was a different synth featured each week, and you could click it to learn more about it. Would be a cool way to expose people to classics they may not have seen before.

  1. Looks great!! Nice new feature, as long as you can read “synthtopia” on the artwork don’t think you’ll have much confusion. FRESH!

  2. i like the idea of a redesign, but that banner makes zero sense in context of the rest of the site. (I also tend to agree with the comments re: bring back the hardware, but that’s more a matter of taste)

        1. Now I see you were being funny completing the sentence, at first I thought you were some randomly commenting depressed extra terrestrial who didn’t want to be a part of this world anymore. The creation of the planet was an extra terrestrial plan. Do you think it’s a bad plan? do you feel bad about this plan? Should I feel bad about this plan? Should we cry out to our spiritual homeland for T win.
          I thought you were seriously depressed and you thought I was making light-hearted witty remarks.
          Now I see you were making a joke (good one) and I was seriously trying to clarify a mystery with my sensus numinis.

  3. not commenting on the design, but I would suggest ditching the taupe for a color that is more in accord with the new banner…. or maybe it’s just the big, red bar across the top.

    1. The new banner is fantastic. I get the retro thing but hey, why not change it up for a bit. Love the new futuristic look! I agree with the above. Ditch the taupe and tidy up the two black menus (coalesce into one, or reorganize another way somehow). Definitely lose the red banner at the top.

  4. lose the red banner across the top…. reduce the width by 25% of the solid black on the masthead and tone it down to a blue/grey, but instead of having it top and bottom, just run it along the bottom and have all the links in one line….. and generally do away with the BOLD fonts… less is more.

  5. At the end of the year they should all be combined into a vomit inducing animated gif header!

    Because really, who doesn’t love a cheesy animated header? 😉

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