Side-Chaining Electribes In Ableton Live

This reader video tutorial takes a look at using side-chain compression in Ableton Live with hardware, in this case a pair of Korg Electribes:

Just wanted to share with you all my technique for doing side-chain compression on Electribes by running them thru Ableton Live. I use a combination of Audio and MIDI routing for a quick and easy effect.

via ‘Synthopia fan’ Tim Toner

One thought on “Side-Chaining Electribes In Ableton Live

  1. First SideChain tutorial that was worth it in a long time. Great tutorial … I guess the only thing that would be even better would be a way of making sure the character of the kick stays the same. So if you change the kick on the Electribe to go from thumping to clicking.. is that this happens in ableton as well.. assuming you wanted to do something like this.

    Thanks for the tip!

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