Makeover Monday Followup

We had a lot of good feedback, here and at Facebook, on our Makeover Monday experiment.

The site’s back to its familiar face, but we’re going to try to work out the logistics in the next week so that we can bring this back on an ongoing basis. It seems like people are into the idea, as long as we don’t change things too much.

Thanks again to everybody for the input and to graphic designer Roland Onodi for contributing the idea and being the ‘test pilot’.

7 thoughts on “Makeover Monday Followup

  1. I feel that the fluted knob is synonymous with synthesis, obviously largely due to their inclusion on Moog synthesisers and the dotcom modulars. I’d like to see it as a theme throughout a lot of the designs.

    I see why the CS-80 is there at the moment, because it’s an awesome synth, but I think the header could be a great space for readers’ interpretations of their feelings towards audio technology to be shared.

    Or maybe I’m just completely soppy, who knows?

  2. I would suggest keeping the monday head the until the next head comes. As long as you pick out one that has some similarities to the previous on, it should be to confusing to have an ever-changing head. ANd on the positive side it will give a good impression og life on the site.

    Hope you figure out the logistiscs of it all. I really digg this idea:)

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