Audiobus Approved By Apple

Audiobus – new technology that provides live, app-to-app audio streaming in iOS – has been approved by Apple, according to its developers:

This morning, Apple finished reviewing the first version of Audiobus, and it has been approved.

We’ve been working with a small group of third party developers that we already have a close connection with because we want to make sure that those apps can serve as examples for all the other developers (currently more than 400) for how to implement Audiobus.

Once our initial community of developers have finished the Audiobus integration, we’ll be all launching together and opening up the SDK to the public.

While it has been officially approved by Apple, it will not be added to the App Store until testing with an initial batch of third-party developers is completed.

Audiobus is a local (and network) communications channel for sending live audio, like the audible output of a synthesizer app, or the output of a guitar amp effects app. Audiobus is also a multi-track recorder and content creation platfom, allowing you to record and mix the output of several apps all at once, and then publish the result.

Audiobus is a communications channel for routing live audio, like the audible output of a synthesizer app or the output of a guitar amp effects app, on iOS.

Support for Audiobus will need to be added by each app, but the developers say that they have ‘worked hard to make it very easy to integrate. Once this starts happening, it will open up a lot of possibilities for iOS music making.

If you’re an iOS user, let us know what you think about Audiobus!

Note: We published some details on Audiobus in the initial version of this article, taken earlier today from the Audiobus FAQ, that we’ve since learned is out of date. We’ve updated the post to reflect this and they have also updated their FAQ.

via Tim Webb, Audiobus

57 thoughts on “Audiobus Approved By Apple

  1. Audiobus is also a multi-track recorder?… That is awesome.

    But wouldn’t that make it a host with apps as plugins? ooooooh all the people who downvoted me in the past are going to be furious about this! 😀

    Does it have a mixer?

        1. Oh, you just haven’t had the right kind! I’m a collector and some of the down votes are delicious! Usually the ones you find right after an Apple post.

          1. true, there have been some very entertaining, snarky replies. I didn’t consider the entertainment factor.

            I just dislike the entire voting system…. the suppression of ideas by the collective norm bothers me in principle.

            however, this viewpoint of mine doesn’t properly consider the asshole factor, which goes with the territory of the intardnets . The irony of me stating i hate down votes getting down voted is incredibly amusing to me. It feels a bit like an accomplishment. Hah!

  2. Wow! Thats great news. I was wondering when this will be happening. The ios apps are becoming better and better and this is just a step forward it needed. Great work guys i am very happy and thank you for your good work and thinking of us!

    Keep up the good work

  3. Hi folks,

    Co-creator of Audiobus here.
    Thanks to Synthtopia for mentioning Audiobus!

    I just want to clarify that Audiobus is NOT a mixer or multi-track recording tool. It can be used to connect mixers and multi-track recording apps if they support Audiobus though.

    Also: Audiobus is NOT going to be be released in the next few days. Some first group of developers we give access to the technology still need to add it to their apps (and release updated versions of them on the App Store) and we need to run extensive betatests.



    1. Ta for the info Sebastian. I am really looking foreward to this. I have started to use Auria as a IOS DAW, but do miss the option of vst. I hope Auria is on your list though.

    2. Sebastian

      What DOES AudioBus do then?

      The AudioBus FAQ for months has said that it WILL be a mixer and multitracker:

      “What’s the difference between Audiobus and Virtual MIDI?

      Virtual MIDI is a local communications channel for passing around MIDI messages like “C# 1, Velocity 127”, or “Modulation, 50″ – simple messages that control how a synthesizer should generate audio.

      Audiobus is a local (and network) communications channel for sending live audio, like the audible output of a synthesizer app, or the output of a guitar amp effects app, for example.

      More than that, Audiobus is also a multi-track recorder and content creation platfom, allowing you to record and mix the output of several apps all at once, and then publish the result.

      Audiobus works completely independently of MIDI – it does not use MIDI at all.”


      “Will Audiobus have the ability to multitrack record other apps?

      Yes, that’s the plan. Audiobus is intended to be able to route audio between apps but it can be a destination of its own.”

      It sounds like AudioBus is now very different than what was originally planned – more like a virtual patchbay.

      Can you let us know what sort of capabilities we should expect to see in AudioBus? Or what companies you’re working with on support?

      Otherwise, this is sort of a vaporware announcement!

      1. I can field that one. I’ve been playing with Audiobus quite a bit, throughout its development.

        That language in the FAQ, which you correctly point out, does make things confusing. It does in fact mix different audio streams together, like a mixer or multi-track would, but that isn’t the end goal. This is a whole busing framework for connecting apps.

        That’s the important part: It connects the audio from apps to different apps.

        The way they have put this together allows for all sorts of interesting ways of making those connections, among a variety of different types of apps. A real world example that we’ve seen so far, is if you have SoundPrism playing audio being recorded by Loopy HD, you can then add NLog in the middle of this chain to use NLog’s filter. This works like an effect insert. There is also an unnamed proto-type app, which can do a similar insert.

        A whole new class of apps is now possible. Dedicated effects apps that rely on Audiobus’s SDK to get audio from one app and either return it to that app or send it on to another.

        That’s what is happening right now and is being implemented by a select group of developers. This announcement means that Apple will allow it, so more developers can get on board and support it without fear of Apple squashing it.

  4. Awesomeness. Pure, unadulterated AWESOMENESS. Sebastian & Co: you guys rock.

    For those bitching that Audiobus isn’t an APP or whatever. omfg. Who gives a shit? Do you even comprehend the meaning of what they’ve done? Apparently not. lol.

    1. Dude, no one is bitching that it isn’t an app, “omfg lol”
      It’s been obvious to everyone from the first words we heard about it that it is a way to connect audio between apps. But the developers own words, quoted above, state that it is ALSO an app ” a destination of its own”. Hence the confusion….

      1. Only thing I’m bitching about is trolls like you with poor reading comprehension and poorer social skills.

        For those who are curious about Audiobus, and aren’t posting here just to stir up shit, their site now has an updated FAQ. They crossed out the bit about the app being able to record, but seeing as how pretty much everyone already has one or more apps that can do that I guess that’s not a huge loss…

        1. Audiobus trolled the world with this app, claiming it to be such an exclusive gap filler yet, if we don’t own a tasty and pricey recorder ( that is audiobus approved ) and want to buy audio buses, then we are left with another gap!

          I fail to see how BM2 can do a good job without crash crash crash!

  5. It’s the looping apps that I can’t wait to try – that will be the real watershed moment here. Live looping performances where I don’t have to fire up Ableton Live anymore, lol.

  6. Ahhh I get it, someone is just going to happen to release an app that hooks up to audiobus and records it all right? So we need to purchase two apps

    Let me guess, audiobus peeps are gonna sell one of those too?

  7. So then reading tims words, you then use fx apps like a vst in a unique way but why don’t developers just make one decent better version of say nano studio and just do it all there? Too many apps spoil the broth and will be a veritable CPU hog even on an iphone5!!


    1. There are a lot of ways to approach it. There are some excellent apps, like NanoStudio, that do everything. Nano’s got a great synth/sampler, and it is not to be dismissed. However, there are more specialized synths and other instruments that offer unique features. This allows those unique apps to work together, so you can roll your own Studio.

  8. Yes life will go on, without audiobus insisting we buy Auria to record it all lol, I got it figured!

    Me sticking to nano studio and BM2 and will copy paste there and life indeed goes on!

    Ahh the simple life:)

  9. Audiobus is gonna be a game changer. I have Auria, which is a great DAW, and as I use Cubase on my Mac, mainly for audio, I feel right at home with it. I also have a pile of wonderful synths I use, like Magellan and iMS20. Once everyone implements Audiobus there’ll be no more copy/paste, I can just record those synths direct in Auria. Game changed.

  10. That’s the point! Then one has to buy Auria, it was previously stated by the developers in several instances , public instances that audiobus itself would record, but now it’s Auria! That means iPad only and ipad3 only as Auria sux on my ipad2, but what about iPhone users? Will lesser recorders be allowed the sdk? Or is this a whole set up to increase Auria ( and ipad3 sales?)

    Answer these questions audiobus devs ASAP

    What about Hokusai or the Sonoma 4 track, can they record audiobus and the other apps?

    This sounds like much more than one app is needed here AND an upgrade of devices for many

  11. Hes right! I shouldn’t have to buy Auria to record all this!!!!! What if I don’t want to buy Auria?

    Come on then, what’s going on?

  12. Auria is just one example. Beatmaker2 supports audio now. If they add Audiobus support you’ll be able to record any of your other apps directly in BM2. You guys seem to be missing the point a little.

    Of course no-one’s forcing you to buy Audiobus either, but I’ll be getting it the second it drops. Each to their own though.

  13. Thanks Tim for pointing this out. The FAQ was outdated and mentioned some features (multi-track recording and uploading the result) that we initially thought Audiobus should offer. Later in the development process it became apparent that they’re not something that needs to be done by Audiobus but instead should be offered (and already is) by third party apps.

    1. ok Sebastian, I’m a developer and will contact you privately and see if you will allow my app to record all this bus business then ok? I will sell the app for $3 and it will export recordings to soundcloud, email or one could audiocopy to other apps if needed. So roll with me and you don’t need to buy Auria people ok? If you have Auria already fine, but if you don’t, I’ll try make sure you dont need to buy it

      And mine will be a universal app:)

  14. There are about 400 developers who will be getting the SDK when Audiobus goes into the wild. As far as I can tell, pretty much anyone who wants to write apps for Audiobus will be able to do so.

    Suppose you like Nanostudio and Animoog. If both implement the API, you can record directly in Nanostudio. No copy/paste hassle.

    If there’s one thing that worries me, it’s latency. If there’s a second thing, it’s how well the hardware can keep up with a bunch of synths running at the same time (Genome exposes these limits already). But all things considered, I’m psyched.

      1. I think the Audiobus developers will do ok. It looks like the Audiobus app will be a hub that other apps can connect to. Everyone who wants to use Audiobus will need to buy the app; cha-ching

  15. Man, iDev, you’re totally jumping to conclusions. As far as I can tell Auria has only been mentioned as one app that has indicated it will support Audiobus, and not *the only recording solution and omg its a conspiracy*

    he probably hasn’t responded to you because you’re coming off as aggressive and unpleasant to work with.

    1. Yes thank you, it does clarify very much. One guy calls you out in public and you retreat. Nice one about updating the FAQ though but poor show about going back on your word about recording function with audiobus. I just heard a rumour that this was because you are making a seperate app for that and as such wish to capitalise on it.
      Anyway congrats on apple approval but poor show on your presentation and misleading people.
      Will you put out a video showing us all how we can multitask the apps AND record?

  16. I’m just a bit confused. Is it an App in itself, or just an SDK?
    Will I need to buy an “AudioBus App” or I’ll just need to have apps supporting the Audiobus protocol?

    1. From the FAQ I understand that it is both.
      First of all it is an App we’ll have to buy and secondly it will be used with Apps that support the SDK.

      From the FAQ:
      Q: How much is Audiobus going to cost?
      A: We don’t know yet.

      Q: What sort of licensing fees will be required of developers to include Audiobus in their apps?
      A: We’re not charging any fees to include the Audiobus API.

      Q: Will Audiobus work with all apps, or does each app need to specifically support it?
      A: Support needs to be built into each app – but we provide all the working parts, and have worked hard to make it very easy to integrate. In fact, apps that are built upon Core Audio using Audio Units (Remote IO) should be able to build in support in about five minutes flat.

  17. Ffs
    I cannot believe people are sniping about this
    I bought auria as it truely is very reasonably priced and putting a 48 track recording studio the size of a book ie iPad is mind lowing when not so long ago a crappy fostex 8 track costs a small fortune –
    It’s the future audiobus is the next logical step and peeps are griping about it ?
    I’m buying it that’s for sure abd if it works solidly , then high praise indeed to the makers because there will always be a few boos from the gallery no matter what x
    Bravo well done !

  18. Seriously, this is insane. Relax people.

    I DO have a question for Beatmaker2 users. So, If I understand correctly, I could record the output of another supported app int BM2 and sample it? Whoa. Also, wonder if one could record audio stream stuff (YouTube, Vimeo, etc)?

    Good stuff, Seb!

  19. Some seriously unpleasant attitudes here are dampening an important IOS breakthrough that many of us have been eagerly awaiting for months .
    That two independent developers have managed to push IOS past the limits Apple set for the benefit of greater realtime music apps interaction is to be applauded.
    It’s my understanding the SDK will be free to all devs who want to implement it , so I really dont see why there is fear of some kind of monopolised cartel . On the contrary , my concern is if the Audiobus devs are going to recoup enough financially for all the effort they put in up front over the last year .
    Congratulations to the developers, looking forward to employing the many uses of this protocol I already envisage and the many uses other devs will bring that I’ve yet to think of .

  20. Lol! One good outcome of this is that another development team are planning a better version of Audiobus called “Wavetrains” that will be faster and enable internal recording! Cheers guys, you opened the door, we will push past you and grab the goodies:)

  21. How can you anticipate a crash without using the forthcoming application ?
    No,you present as a champion cynic -why don’t you change the record or go invent a more ” suitable” app yourself if you feel so strongly about audiobus –
    Jesus in every bunch of roses there’s always a prick

  22. This thread has convinced me never to pursue a career in PR. Even if you try to represent a good product, you’ll never be able to keep up with the rumormill.

    These are the facts the Audiobus team have released:
    400+ developers have expessed an interest in Audiobus.
    The Audiobus SDK is free for developers to implement it.
    There is no restriction on who can implement it.

    Unsaid by them, but witnessed by me, is that many of your favorite apps are already on board. I’d say about half of all serious iOS enthusiasts already own an app which can RECORD and has implemented Audiobus. Seriously, perhaps even more than half of you already own this Universal app, and it is working with Audiobus already.

    Not only would it be redundant for Audiobus to offer recording, you’d all shit on them for not offering recording to the same standard as this other app I am refering to. It is one that even non-owners respect for its features.

    I am going to give PR guys a (slightly) easier time now…. nah, but I’ll be more sympathetic.

  23. Why should they include an audio recorder? Just because it was in an initial plan doesn’t mean they should implement it out of obligation. The only thing they are guilty of is exposing too much of their early planning for the app to the world. If every piece of software implemented every initial feature idea the world of software would be a nightmare. Plans change.

    It’s easy to see why; making an audio recorder probably sounds easy on paper but when you get down to all the features that people will inevitably ask for you’re basically taking on the work of two apps not one. Ok, say they just implement super basic recording- just record and save a file. Well, you’ll still probably want to edit it, so you’ll take it into your editor of choice and tweak it… Why not just support the editor? the basic record function just added an extra step, it’s worse not better!

    What people should really be doing with all this energy is petitioning their favourite audio recording/editing apps (and synths!) to be a part of Audiobus, meaning it seamlessly integrates into your current workflow without having to deal with any half-baked recording solution tacked on to Audiobus

  24. Why do my comments keep getting deleted? I’ve not launched any personal attacks? meh.

    Anyway, what makes anyone believe that this won’t be included in nearly ALL music apps? Who says one would have to own a pricey recording/mixing app? lol

    1. Your comments suggesting that others were masturbating, living in their parents’ houses, ignorant, etc were deleted.

      Keep your comments constructive and on topic.

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