Asturias By Albeniz, With SoundPrism Pro

Asturias by Albeniz, played on SoundPrism Pro by David Gatzsche, one of the co-founders of Audanika:

“From our education, we are used to be confronted with theories and after that we are told where to apply the acquired knowledge,” notes Audanika’s Gabriel Gatzsche.

“But life teaches us in the opposite way: typically we first make experiences and after that we find the formulas that describe what we experienced.”

In this performance, SoundPrism is being used as a MIDI controller, via USB.


12 thoughts on “Asturias By Albeniz, With SoundPrism Pro

  1. Nice attempt, but as I always say, if you can’t perform as good or better than you can on a traditional instrument, the new instrument is a fail. Flame away toy enthusiasts…

    1. Poor little silly thing.

      If you cannot be moved by how lucky we are to have access to some new technology like this, with all its implications, I pity you. I’m sure you’re just looking for attention with your pseudo-luddite comments (in a web site!). 🙂

      By the way, it is worth mentioning how hard it is to play a piece on a guitar. To put things in perspective, if you give a guitar to a 30-year old who has never played one (but, lets assume, he is good with synths) and gave him one year to practice, he wouldn’t be able to play Asturias. I know that his version is far from clean (and maybe he has been practicing from more than a year… and yes, I’m aware that many subtleties from playing a real instrument are lost), but I find it particularly impressive that tablets sometimes allow some music to be easily played than for their original instruments.

      Finally, even if he was ruining the original version with the “traditional instrument”, he obviously was having fun playing some sounds, and that is never, EVER, a fail.

      Your a fail.

  2. Ok so he could have slowed down some…but this is a long piece trust me, my ex’s father used to play this piece on classical guitar and it took ages. He also had to learn the piece over a few years. Im im pressed at the player here in that he was able to reproduce this piece on a very new medium.

  3. The playing is impressive for playing this sort of music on a relatively new instrument. Still, for this kind of music, I’d rather hear it on guitar. Sorry! It’s much more expressive than playing on the ipad. However, GREAT job. And, I do think Soundprism and instrument apps similar to it are very useful in the studio primarily.

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