Musicrow Releases Analog Sound Collection For Arturia Synths

Musicrow has released the Analog Sound Collection, a collection of 1200 sounds for Arturia software synthesizers.

Analog Sound Collection includes six soundbanks:

  • Jupiter Trip: 200 sounds for Jupiter 8V
  • The Heavenly Prophecy: 200 sounds for Prophet V
  • Modular Dreams: 200 sounds for Modular V
  • The Arp Kingdom: 200 sounds for Arp 2600V
  • Classic Minitunes: 200 sounds for Mini V
  • CS Vibes: 200 sounds for CS80 V

The sounds were designed to take full advantage of the characteristics and features of each of Arturia’s synth emulations.

Analog Sound Collection costs €119 and is available for an introductory price of €69 until October 10, 2012. See the Musicrow site for details.

via Noam Gingold

3 thoughts on “Musicrow Releases Analog Sound Collection For Arturia Synths

  1. That would be very appealing, except for the fact that Arturia still requires dongles. Sorry, but as an honest user who has never crakked and never will, that’s a deal-breaker.

  2. That may be the case with a few pro bundles, but otherwise, Syncrosoft is employed. I simply tired of trying to make a couple of things work which depended on that. I moved to plugs that employed a simpler registration process. I also appreciate the updates, user-focused sales and tech help I could not get if I crakked it. For me, that’s one of the best ‘secret weapons’ a company can employ: useful follow-up. Its not hard to roll your own CS80 presets to *some* extent, but if they ever shift away from dongles, the CS80V still wows me. They did well with that one.

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