Gary Numan Cleans Out His Attic, Finds Cooler Stuff Than We’ve Got In Our Attic

Saturday Synth Porn: Ever clean out the attic, and find a vintageĀ Moog Minimoog that you’d forgotten about?

Probably not – unless you’re Gary Numan:

“Clearing out my garage loft yesterday, cut away some ivy creepers & found this!” tweets Gary Numan. “Original spec MiniMoog!”

Our take on this is that, if you’ve never owned an original Minimoog, you’ve got one more reason not to clean out the attic.

If you’ve got a similar story, though, let us know!

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28 thoughts on “Gary Numan Cleans Out His Attic, Finds Cooler Stuff Than We’ve Got In Our Attic

  1. I once cleaned out the attic in a certain east coast university music department and found Synclavier ser. no. #4 with the old Hazeltine (1600?) computer that controlled it and a Buchla 200 along with a lot of edison platters and reels of old concerts.

  2. In high school, I had a band period where we had a little bit of free reign to work on whatever we wanted as long as we got all our work done. We started exploring an old closet that hadn’t really been delved into in decades, and low and behold, there was an old Fender Rhodes Mk. II. I promptly borrowed it from the school for about a month.

  3. a few days ago one friend of mine just found a MS-20 in the attic of his grandmothers house thet used to belong to his uncle,he is interested in analog synthesizing and music making for a few years, so now the uncle gived it away to him because it wasnt importan to him, what a lucky guy he is…

  4. In 1988 I left an ARP 2600, a Roland SH-5 and an Oberheim OB-X in a garage with my ex-wife after we broke up. With the old synth resurgence in the early 90’s I went back to get everything. They had been sitting in 6 inches of water for 5 years. Ruined.

  5. I would have expected that from Vince Clarke, but iI guess if anybody’s going to find an old synth in their attic that would be Gary Numan … and perhaps Alien Sex Fiend too.

  6. Every time my girlfriend goes to a flea market, I hope that she will find someone there who sells something like a TB-303 or a MS-10/20 for a cheap price, because they don’t have any clue about the value.

    Unfortunately, I have not been lucky with that…yet šŸ˜‰

  7. In my attic right now: A Roland JX-10 and a Roland SH-101. I’ve been meaning to get them out and turn them on for a couple years. Maybe I’ll leave them there and try to forget them like GN did.

  8. My old college had a cupboard full of old tape machines, power distribution boards and various bits of mangled computer gear. One day I was in there looking for a spare jack lead and I uncovered a Juno 6, a TR-606 and a Yamaha DX7. There was also and old powertran digital delay unit and an original small stone phaser. We dug it all out and ended up using the Juno in a performance. The whole lot is now in the studio there, but I don’t think anyone has used it since I left. Such a shame

  9. Not so much my attic but I got a mint unopened Crummar Performer string synth from a warehouse in South Australia that had been sitting there since 1982. Even still had the card with all the techs that built it.

  10. inspired by this I checked down the back of the sofa and found $2 and a Yamaha CS-80 that I completely forgot I had. How stupid I felt, I’d needed that $2 for a parking meter in town last weekend and received a hefty parking fine as a result. If only I’d thought to check earlier…

  11. I was poking around in the dim and dusty corners of the music building at the University of Arizona around 1979 and found one of the 5 wire wrapped prototypes of the Micor Coupland synth. Hauled it up into the studio and spent a semester playing with it – quite an amazing instrument. Then, while cleaning out my shed a couple years ago, I found a box of cassettes, and one of them was the piece I recorded! And the tape actually still played! So I “ripped” it to MP3 and put it on SoundCloud.

  12. My local musicians’ union was moving out of the building they owned. When I heard of this, a little alarm went off in the back of my head. I went upstairs to the water heater closet and found a Clavinet D6, a Fender-Rhodes Seventy-Three, a Solina/ARP string ensemble and an ARP Odyssey – all in flight cases and covered with a half-inch of dust. I tried to claim finder’s rights, but they ended up putting everything on eBay.

  13. A friend found a system 700 under a staircase and the owner who just bought it sold it to him as an older mixer.

  14. I was stopping for gas and found a korg r3 at a car clean out vacuum across from the gas pumps, i thought the matrix had literally popped a synth in to the world to tell me something. Plays great still.

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