Explorer Adds 64 New Presets To Magellan Synthesizer

Sunsine Audio has released Explorer, a collection of 64 new presets for Magellan.

Here’s what they have to say about Explorer:

“Anyone looking for a bit of insight and exploration into this semi-modular behemoth should be pleased. Following hot-on-the-heels of our factory presets, these presets are of equal quality, and will greatly expand your palette.” says Fletcher Kaufman, owner of Sunsine Audio.

Each preset has the mod wheel and X-Y Pad routed to useful destinations. In addition 21 presets have been “Coupled” and labeled accordingly to be used as dual layer presets utilizing both synth engines. These presets maintain their function and individuality when used un-“Coupled” as well.


  • 64 presets (including 21 “Coupled” Presets)
  • .yban bank file
  • Installation Instructions

Explorer is available now for $2.49 at the Sunsite Audio site.

via Fletcher Kaufman

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