13 thoughts on “Amnésie – J’ai tué mon chat

    1. Hi,
      I’m the guy who did this video ! In fact, I don’t understand your comment… We didn’t do this to “impress” anybody… We’re just musicians and wanted to record a video clip played live… That’s all… That’s just a song that will be on my forthcoming album… You have the right not to like my music… But I really don’t get what you meant with your comment… It’s just music dude… Relax… We never claimed to be the best, we never tried to impress… We just love playing music, that’s as simple as that ! ;D

      1. Hi,

        please don’t get me wrong : the video is very well done, the track is clean and proper, there certainly is there attitude and a certain minimalism. But it just does not click with me that’s all. I make a lot of electronic music, and am used to “deconstruct” tracks to understand how they are built, to get the groove and feel, to try improve myself. And I am often exposed to people who like or don’t like what I do.

        When you chose to go public, be ready to soak in the positives and the “don’t like”. Me too. May be my mistake was to fire to quickly, but as I said, although the track is well built, and I respect the work behind, I just don’t find it very exciting. That’s all, that’s my opinion. I am sure a lot of people will not agree with me and find your work worth buying (which is good, because making a living in music is really hard). And that’s fine. All good ?

  1. translation:
    I killed my cat. Randomly
    I killed my cat. Randomly
    i killed my mom. Randomly
    I killed my father. Randomly
    I was playing around.
    In the house.

    Grammy winner lyrics.

  2. I assume you are dog folks and no cat was actually harmed for this! Shocking lyrics to a soothing sound. weird. I could enjoy a whole set done this way, and I prefer this kind of venue to a sweaty dark club with bad sound. Post more! I’ll watch it all. I might even purchase a CD if you put one out. Very nice work, guys!

    1. Hey ! Thanks a lot !!! Actually we won’t release any CD but a LP (250 copies) on the marvelous Ego Twister Records !
      And, well, I must admit I’ve never killed a cat… But I like writing stupid lyrics !!!

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