Live Performance With Drums & Synthesizers

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Berlin-based reader Sebastian Arnold, captures a live performance of Driving A Spaceship from his new album Interstellar Getaway.

Arnold describes himself as a “mad scientist drummer”. He builds song structures by layering loops and drum-triggered sequences with acoustic drums, keyboards and vocals.

Gear details below.

GEAR: Nord Modular G2 Synthesizer, Nord Rack 2x, Korg Kaoss Pad Mini, Drum Triggers, Alesis Control Pad. Cymbals are Ufip Traditional 14″ HiHat, Spizzichino 18″ Medium with Rivets, Bosphorus 24″ Ride, Brady 14″ Snare, WAHAN drumkit with 22″ bassdrum, 16″ floortom.

3 thoughts on “Live Performance With Drums & Synthesizers

  1. That was GREAT! It really was. I certainly look forward to checking out the album after this. I’ll be putting this track on repeat in the meantime. This Sebastian Arnold guy deserves to get noticed, that’s for sure.

  2. Nice jam, though I would suggest perhaps adding some dubstep elements to update his sound a little. Wubs are now available as gift cards in most grocery store isles, which I find really convenient.

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