CliffLight – Hi Seas Propheteering

This is the music video for Hi Seas, by Boston audio/visual collective CliffLight.

via CliffLight’s Ethan Goldhammer, who says:

Hi Seas was built from the ground up with chords from a Prophet 5 Rev 2 , first recorded to tape with some funky reel-to-reel stereo delay slaps, then digitally sampled and resampled in Ableton Live with a Novation Launchpad, and then finally stretched into oblivion with the always lovely Paulstretch extreme stretching tool for the ambient outro.

The video, which does not feature my usual oscilloscope waves or literal synth shots, does feature a variety of ocean waves from around New England that reflect the nature and movement of the soundwaves, as well as an intense display of the original electronic sound generator, lightning bolts!

The name of the song Hi Seas came from the original session name, which was “HiSeasPropheteering”, a pun that is probably of no interest to anyone except for the readers of Synthtopia…..

For more info, see the CliffLight site.

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