Tod Dockstader Album Reissue

Mordant Music has re-issued (and remixed) an album of experimental electronic production music from the Boosey & Hawkes Library by the legendary Tod Dockstader. Amazing analogue synthetic textures and rhythms.

This LP was first issued by library music label Boosey & Hawkes in 1979, and renders some 23 electronic cues of exceptional calibre, at once freaky, funky, spaced-out and wonderfully dramatic – and all coming from an avowed non-musician. Much like Daphne Oram – another sonic autodidact who was also shunned by the establishment – Dockstader’s music has a genuinely alien, ethereal quality……

Audio samples and details are available at boomkat.

DockstaderĀ is a self-taught electronic musician and the subject of a short documentary, Unlocking Dockstader.

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